50 things God never said…

by Kevin on September 28, 2011

I’ve had some help today. I asked this question on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+: What is one thing God would never say?

I love these answers.

  1. Oh crap! I didn’t see that coming. (Me–I said the crap part, and Brian Brown)
  2. I’ve never loved you. (@amykiane)
  3. I wouldn’t have wasted my son if you were the only one. (@TheRusticChick)
  4. Before ya come in My bunkhouse, would ya clean up a bit. (Rebecca Christians)
  5. You were my first mistake. (Joshua Schroeder)
  6. I’m gonna shuck out on you. (Ben Cross)
  7. I didn’t hear what you said. (Janet Kohutek)
  8. If you go down that path I’m turning my back on you and never forgiving you. (@RLDamron)
  9. Shame on you! (Susie Lacy)
  10. You’re too far gone. I can’t use you. (Dell Bredemeyer)
  11. Who are you? (Brian Brown)
  12. I’m kind of busy right now. (@pastorjoshkari and Melodie Bernatis)
  13. I’ll make you rich and famous.
  14. I was in the bunkhouse asleep. (Rod Knier)
  15. You don’t have to trust me if you don’t want to.
  16. Sorry kid, you’re on your own. (Stephanie Garbo)
  17. I know you rode for the Brand, but… (Buck Love)
  18. You want me to do WHAT? (Ramona Werst)
  19. You’re no child of mine! (Jan Bush)
  20. My love ain’t for everyone. (Greg Wells)
  21. Nope! You’re done. (Pam McAnally)
  22. That’s unforgivable. (Kassi Beshirs)
  23. I don’t have anymore love. (Jeanette Mohr)
  24. Get off your horse son, I don’t need you. (Melea Loveday)
  25. I told you so. (Lauren Goldwire)
  26. You stress me out too much. (Glory Bennet)
  27. I give up! (@okeana_mama)
  28. You’ve done bucked my brand right off ya. (Melea Loveday)
  29. I’m giving up on you. (Kay Honaker)
  30. I’d love you more if . . . (Tammy Blakely)
  31. Sorry! I messed up. (Lynn Gaston)
  32. Even though you asked, I can’t forgive you. (Diannia Smith)
  33. I have enough issues to deal with without yours. (Barbara Knowles)
  34. There’s more than one way to heaven.
  35. It’s OK if you covet your neighbor’s _________. (Brooke Elaine)
  36. You’re on your own. (Lisa Ballew)
  37. You’re not good enough. (Sarah Erickson & Lance Crelly)
  38. We’re through you and I! (Seiji Yamashita)
  39. Doop dee doo…I’m not listening…. *With fingers in ears and a sing-song voice* (Christie Weatherby AKA The Worst Preacher’s Wife Ever)
  40. My main priority is your happiness and comfort on earth. (@JGanley3)
  41. Worry and anxiety are the right trail to ride. (Long Shot Photo)
  42. Don’t bother me now. (Steve Younger)
  43. Go ahead. I didn’t really mean that. (Greg Wolford)
  44. I forgot. (Cindy Knier)
  45. Don’t go to the Book for answers. (Heather Swinney)
  46. You can’t do the job I asked you to do. (Jeremy Deal)
  47. Sorry, hand cain’t use ya, got enuff hands fer this gather. C’mon back next spring. We’ll see if I cain’t find a spot fer ya in the bunkhouse then. (Arnie Finley)
  48. I need you to pay up for all I’ve done for you. (Danny Lee)
  49. That ole Satan has some pretty good ideas, why don’t we all follow him. (Kara McMurtrey)
  50. The Dallas Cowboys aren’t my team!

Please add your own in the comments. We want your contribution, but please don’t go to bashing and turning things around that somebody else wrote. Add your own…don’t tear down someone else.

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  • Lance A Crelly

    ” Sorry Son, you have been bucked off too many times to be riddin’ with this outfit”

  • Wendy Foster

    I don’t have time for you right now!

  • Yer a varmit, quit beggin me fer forgivness!

  • David Dawson

    my #51. The color of your horse matters.

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