6 Religious Bear Traps To Avoid On The Trail

by Kevin on April 13, 2010

It’s no secret that Jesus reserved his harshest criticisms for the fellows that were supposed to running His show here on Earth. He constantly disagreed with them and basically was a big bur underneath their saddle blankets. In a set of verses in Luke 11, Jesus tears the super religious guys a new one and gives us 6 bear traps that will catch you and keep you from that narrow trail that leads up to the Big House.

  1. What you do ain’t near as important as why you do it. Bowing your head and giving thanks to God for your beans and


    taters is fantastic, but if your heart isn’t in the thankin’, you’re better off just eatin’. It’s better just to be thankful and not say anything at all than to get it backwards. (verse 38)

  2. There’s no need in spit shining a water trough full of bitter water. God doesn’t care what the outside looks like. He is only concerned with the inside. When you get your guts and your heart in the right place, the outside will surely follow. (verse 39)
  3. Followin’ the rules don’t mean nothin’ if you don’t understand their purpose. The super religious fellows were so intent on followin’ all the rules that they forgot the reason the rules were in place. They would tithe 10% of a penny found on the Wal-Mart sidewalk, but didn’t understand things like justice and lovin’ God with all yer heart. (verse 42)
  4. Doin’ things for admiration and notoriety. Tryin’ to look good in front of other people is like tryin’ to stand on top of a set of post hole diggers stuck in the dirt. People will sure notice you, especially when you bust your rear when you fall. (verse 43)
  5. Don’t start preachin’ something you ain’t practicin’. I have seen people that didn’t know any better try to whip a horse into the trailer. If you spend enough time lovin’ em and trainin’ em, they will follow you up the side of cliff. (verse 46)
  6. Quit standing in the gate. People get fired up when they spot where they need to go for relief from their hurts and miseries.At the last minute, they stop right in the gate and think that there has to be more to it than this. It can’t be this easy. There must be additional rules and regulation to go by. Jesus didn’t tell us to change and then come hang out with Him. He said to come out with Him and He would help with the changin’. This change is like goin’ from a worm to a butterfly. Who would want to crawl in the dirt when they could fly?

These bear traps are things that hurt us and keep us from the life that Jesus wants us to live. We should do things like bowing our head

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and givin’ thanks for our supper. But let’s make sure that our insides are clean ‘fore we go to worryin’ about what we look like on the outside. The key to a great relationship with God is not doin’ this or doin’ that. It’s about hanging out with God and givin’ Him our broncs and our bitterness.

We all need to be sure we know the trail real good before we go do leadin’ expeditions into hostile territory. That way, when we get there, we won’t be standin’ in the gate that others are tryin’ to get through.

Hunker down at the fire and share your story if you got one.

© Kevin Weatherby, 2010

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