7 Risks You Need to Take Today

by Kevin on January 22, 2016

I woke up excited. Today was the day that I would fulfill one of my greatest dreams—drink a cup of coffee on the shore of the Sea of Galilee as the sun came up.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the shore. A hazy fog covered the sea as I knelt down and felt of the water that Jesus himself had spent most of his ministry around. I looked out into the haze and could barely make out a buoy standing sentry out there on the water all alone. It’s ghostly figure seemed to shimmer as it swayed back and forth in the gentle rolling swells.

And as I talked with God, the one prayer so personal that it hurt, I was reminded of Peter’s encounter with his own ghostly figure out on the sea during a storm. It was Jesus walking on water out to his disciples. He told them not to be afraid, but Peter told the apparition that if it was really Jesus, to call him out of the boat.

“Come on then,” Jesus said.

Peter gets out of the boat and walks on water…until he takes his eyes of Jesus and sinks. Peter cried out and the Lord lifted him up.

My situation was not much different.

I told God about how I felt. I don’t do things like other people do. Whereas most ministries fish with tried and true methods of reaching people with the gospel, I feel like I’ve stepped out of the boat and left the nets, poles, and bait behind.

I don’t draw people to Jesus with programs and prayer groups. You’ll hear me laugh far more often that you’ll hear me pray. I don’t listen to soulful songs about Jesus, yet my heart sings through the rustle of leaves in the wind while leather creaks to the cadence of hooves through grass, water, and the occasional crunch of snow. I don’t study the bible every single day, but I use it as a window through which I see how much the Lord loves me and how I might live for him. I’m no good at meetings, but I love meeting people right where they are.

I suck at counseling, but I’ll fist-fight a street vendor in Israel that tries to pick the pockets of a little old man. My mouth sometimes says things that preacher’s are not supposed to say, but I’d rather speak the blunt truth than sugared words of a cliched religion.

I don’t ask for traveling mercies. I ask for boldness.
I don’t walk around saying, “Praise Jesus”. I walk a lonely road led by him.
I don’t always pray before meals, but I’m thankful for every one.
I don’t bash my kids with scripture, but I do my best to be an example of God’s Word.

And even now, you might be thinking that you’ve got me figured out. But you don’t. You might think you like what you hear, but there will come a time when I will say something you won’t like. I’ll do something that you don’t think I should do. I’ll go up where people don’t think it’s possible and I’ll go down where people would turn around and ride off. I refuse to be in the box. I refuse to conform. My Lord didn’t live according to societal norms and neither will I. I’m not a rebel for rebellion’s sake. I just won’t be contained by the barbed wire of public opinion and I won’t try to adhere to a pretty little framed picture of what most people want their preacher’s to be.

So as these thoughts spilled into the sea, carried on waves that held our Lord, I got an answer that I could understand.

Jesus said, “You are right to step out of the boat…because growth requires risk.”

I would rather be lifted out of the waves by the hand of God than waving to him on the boat of normal life that passes him by as he beckons us out.

But I’m not asking you to follow me…I’m inviting you to come with me.

Step out.

Seven Risks You Need To Take Starting Today In Order to Grow:
1. Risk your personal happiness by investing all you have in others.
2. Risk the habit of complaining. It is the currency of the thankless.
3. Risk your relationship. Make it right…one way or another.
4. Risk telling the truth.
5. Risk your dreams. Reevaluate what you think is important.
6. Risk your pride. A fool is doubled when one must prove his version of right.
7. Risk your love. If love cannot be taken advantage of then it is not really love at all.

Anyone who plays it safe will lose their life, but anyone who risks it all on Me shall find it all.
-Matthew 10:39 Simplified Cowboy Version (SCV)​

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Kevin Weatherby, 2016


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  • George Sisneros

    “Anyone who plays it safe will lose their life.” SMH. I have to wonder how many people REALLY believe those words bro. If they truly believed would they still play it safe?

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