A cowboy prayer without using “I”.

by Kevin on September 29, 2010

Dear Jesus,

You are so amazing with the way you are changing cowboys lives. The way these cowboys have stepped up into the stirrup and decided to ride for you is incredible. You have taken cowboys that were hard as steel and turned them into cowboys with hearts of gold.

You came to this old swath of dirt from your home of perfection so that you could be ridiculed and sacrificed. There were many cowboys who rode and still ride for you, but there are many that are just waiting for another cowboy to explain to them what you accomplished on the cross.

There are those out there right now that are wonderin’ why they are here. Give them the answer that their hearts have been lookin’ for and reveal yourself to them through those who have already called you Lord of their lives.

There is a time of worship. There is a time of thanks. There is a time of asking. There is a time of humility. But at this time, hear the thoughts and prayers of all the folks who are cryin’ out in the darkness like a calf separated from the herd. Hear them and heal them.

You are the light that drives away the dark.

You are the brand on every cowboy’s heart.

You are the tree line to hunker down out of the wind.

You are the sunrise and sunset, the beginning and the end.

There is a part for every woman and man in your cowboy crew.

And a puncher couldn’t ask for anything more important than you.


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  • Wow, imagine if more of our prayers were God-centered and Christ-focused! I notice that several prayers in the Bible are kind of that way too: like Jehoshaphat’s prayer in 2 Chron. 20; the persecuted apostles’ prayer in Acts 4; and Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 9. They spend most of their prayer focused on God, His majesty and power, His compassion and mercy, and His sovereignty and judgment.

    It really puts our requests in a greater context and helps us to pray according to God’s will when we have a God-centered prayer.

    Thanks for sharing. –Richard

    • Kevin

      It was a lot harder than it looks. I had to delete things about 10 times. Even when I was attempting to write a prayer without using “I”, it still happened. It’s amazing how we look at everything from our point of view instead of the Lord’s.

  • I am printing this out and sticking it on my office wall. This is brilliant and a great reminder to keep our eyes on the prize. Thanks Kevin!

    • Kevin

      I’m humbled Seiji.

  • Richard stole my thunder. I think we would have a different outlook on life if more of our prayers were Christ centered. Far too often I notice that my prayers are me centered.

    • Kevin

      I heard a cowboy preacher talk about being on a mission trip. He was praying with another preacher and said that it was the most powerful prayer he ever heard. He never said “I” and did nothing except praise God and remind God of the promises he made.

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