A Cowboy’s Only As Good As His Yarn

by Kevin on July 25, 2011

Cowboys are natural storytellers. They cannot help it. They will spin yarns about everything from horses to horny toads. They will spend hours jumping from subject to subject. They tell of their exploits and others that they have known. They will repeat themselves often and add or subtract from the original story with ease. You can’t expect cowboys to always remember every little detail every time a story is told.

A story is just your life and experiences in rewind. If you have a memory, you have a story. If I ask you to tell me a story about a dog, I bet you could. If I ask you to tell me a story about being lonely, you could probably come up with something. One of these days I will tell you the story of Chad Armstrong and I flanking his roping horses and bucking them out in the Big Lake arena. Man, that was fun!

His Dad had other opinions.

Every cowboy that has ever been bucked off of a horse will tell everyone he knows each time it happens. It will be the hardest bucking horse that ever bucked and if it wasn’t for one little wrong move, he would’ve rode him. When bad things happen to us we are quick to go moan and complain about everything that goes wrong to anyone that will listen. We go tell everyone our sad little story. This will often be accompanied by, “How could God let this happen?” Or how about, “Why is God punishing me? I don’t deserve this!” We are all guilty of this whether it is said to ourselves or out loud.

When something good happens to you, do you attribute it to God or your good luck or your own hard work? When something good happens to us, our natural response is to tell someone. If you are getting married soon, you wouldn’t forget to tell anyone. This is one thing that you will never hear someone from Texas say, “Hey neighbor, I didn’t know that you won the mega millions jackpot.”

The first thing we would do would be to tell all our friends about our new found wealth. The apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians that, “All good things come from God.” How often do we give credit where credit is due for all the great things that happen in our lives?

When someone asks why you are so happy today, can you answer “Because God has blessed me beyond my understanding.” Or would you be embarrassed? Today, could you share something good and attribute it to God from whom it came? Could you tell somebody one of your cowboy stories and give God the credit?

In Acts 4, Peter and John find themselves arrested by a bunch of goody-two-shoes religious fellers. The fellers tell them that they cannot speak to anyone about Jesus anymore. I love what their response is.

Then they called them in again and commanded them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus. But Peter and John replied, “Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God. For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:18-20

You never knew that Peter and John were cowboys. The Bible says that they were fishermen but I bet they were probably raised up by an old cowboy grandpa that told them stories. Just like any modern day cowboy, in verse 20 they say, “we cannot help but tell stories about what we have seen and heard.” Now there’s a story that we can all learn from.

Telling stories, or spinnin’ yer yarn, is sharing the Gospel when you attribute it to God. Go spread the Gospel to someone today and tell them how Jesus has changed your life.

So. . .How has Jesus changed yer life?

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  • Don Coyote

    Well, ta answer yer question, first thing He did was ta tell me to put that pistol away ‘fore I hurt myself…

    And, uncharacteristically fer me, at that time in my life, I actually LISSENED to Him and put the durn thing away, after I unloaded it…

  • Walter Taylor

    Well he saved me from myself when he gave me something worth living for. He picked me up and moved me and now he is using me in increble ways that I never could of imagined. I’m amazed at what God has done with me.

  • Ed

    I was headed down a wrong road; one that would take me to total destruction. And I was headed there purty fast too, just as fast as I could go. Then God gave me a detour that led me straight to Jesus. And it’s been a wonderful ride ever since.

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