A “Hail” of a Thing to Say

by Kevin on June 13, 2012

We laid awake staring at the ceiling. The hail beating against the windows kept any sleep away. This after-midnight storm seemed to intensify with every second that passed. That’s when I heard soft crying from my wife’s side of the bed.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked softly. No answer came. My wife is a tough girl and if she hates one thing in this world, it’s letting people know she’s crying.

I asked again and reached for her hand.

“I’m worried about the horses. The hail sounds big and I’m worried.” This is typical of my wife. She always thinks about the safety and comfort of others first.

Unless we’re in the truck….then she either freezes me out or seems to be trying to roast me alive in a 3/4 ton, crew cab crock pot.

“The horses will be fine sweetheart…Don’t you remember Nanner?”

“What about him?” She asked between nearly silent sobs.

I relayed to her the following story:

We had just got in from working cattle and had unsaddled the horses. We allowed the horses to graze around the barn for a while before we turned them out into the pasture. As we sat on the back porch discussing the events of the day, a little storm blew in.

When I say little, I mean little.

You could see all the way around it, but it tried to act big and tough. Little cracks of thunder issued from its belly and it rained enough to knock the dust down.

It was at this time when the rain started, Nanner Puddin’ (a palomino) looked up from his spot in the herbivore buffet line and then took off towards the truck.

We watched him lope by and we all kind of chuckled, but the funny part was still coming.

The back gates of the canvas covered cage top stock trailer were still standing wide open from when we unloaded the horses. Nanner shot into that trailer and then turned around and watched it rain from the comfort of his own rendition of a back porch.

He’d even walk to the edge and look out to make sure it was still raining and then scoot back in like a catfish into a hole. When the rain finally stopped, he walked out and trotted back over to the other horses lined up along the barn eating the green grass.

“So you see Honey, horses got a lot more sense than most humans. Our horses have two different barns they can take cover under and I guarantee you that they’re under one of them. I’m pretty sure they’re under both. Fiona probably made the boys go get under the smaller one that’s more prone to leaking.”

I got a little laugh from that one. It was a sweeter sound than the quiet sobbing.

But seriously, there is a storm that is raging right now. Hell is quietly snaggin’ folks and draggin’ them to the fire with no more fight than a young calf at a brandin’. Most of them don’t even cry out.

I wish more humans had the sense of a horse. If you’re able to read this, there’s a place to get away from the “hell” that’s raining down on you.

Those that are smart know to hunker down with the Lord, ’cause He’s the only one who can protect. I will say to Him, “You are the roof over my head and the only one that can save me. You are my God and I trust you completely.” Psalm 91:1 (Simplified Cowboy Version)

Nanner Puddin’ and Reilly

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