A Lesson To Be Learned – Cowboy Poetry

by Kevin on June 20, 2011

A Lesson To Be Learned

Ridin’ out in the big hay patch,

One hand on my reins the other in my night latch,

Sittin’ in the middle now,

How I didn’t fall off only God knows how,

You see out there in the big hay patch were the grass is tall and green,

This little baby deer didn’t want to be seen,

Because his mama told him to be quiet and still,

As she went into the woods at the top of the hill,

And he did just that as long as he could stand it,

But when Streak stepped beside him he took off like a bandit,

Now this scared Streak and I can understand why,

‘Cause I was scared too as I began to fly,

At this very moment I believe time stood still,

As my saddle touched my spurs and I dug in my heel,

So I thought to myself, “One point of contact is all that I need”,

To get back in the saddle on my trusty steed,

With quick moves to the left and sharp turns to the right,

I got back in the saddle and held on tight,

Now Streak was in a panic and runnin’ scared,

But with all of his trainin’ he was prepared,

Because he’d been taught when he was a small stick,

To listen to his master when the mud got thick,

So when I pulled on the reins he understood,

To listen, slowdown, and to act good

And as I rode on feelin’ a little tired,

Not blaming Streak for the things that had transpired,

I didn’t call it bad luck because it was fawn season,

But the Lord told me that it happened for a reason,

He told me to think about what had went down,

About the things He’s taught me and the new lesson to be found,

He told me to remember all the trainin’ I’ve been through,

To listen to my master, it was just proved true,

He said, “When you get scared and the mud of life is thick,

Your one point of contact is Jesus-he did the trick,

So don’t forget this lesson that’s now well known,

Or the next time you need it, you might get thrown”

~~Athen Allee

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  • Don Coyote

    Good ‘un.

  • Marilyn

    Thoroughly enjoyed this little poem and as I was reading it I could almost hear it being sung along to some Rap music – now there’s a catchy idea! Thanks alot!

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