My name is Kevin Weatherby and I am the founder of Campfire Cowboy Ministries. It is the #1 online source for Christian Cowboys and Cowgirls.

This blog strives to teach, explain, and look at Christianity from a cowboy perspective.

The articles and devotions you will find here range from the humorous life of a working cowboy, to the serious need for a relationship with Jesus Christ instead of a legalistic religious life without Him.

My goal is to show that Jesus’ greatest wish is that you and him ride his pastures together. He is not a Greek god waiting to zap you with a lightning bolt if you make a mistake, but rather an old friend that loves you so much that he gave his life for you.

I typically post articles about 3 to 4 times per week. To make sure that you don’t miss my newest posts, I invite you to subscribe via RSS or by email.

My top posts


Moving and Inspirational

Simplified Cowboy Version

(Disclaimer: Not intended to be taken for Biblical translation, just ease of understanding.)

Cowboy Poetry

My Biography

I have spent most of my life either living on a ranch or day-working on one when I could. I spent my high school years on the Rocker B Ranch in Big Lake, Texas and later on I worked on the San Pedro Ranch outside of Carrizo Springs, Texas. In between all of these ranches and breaking colts for the public, I have worked in the oilfield supply business and became the Pastor of the Pecos County Cowboy Church in Fort Stockton, Texas in May of 2008.

If you would have told me that one day I would be a preacher, I would have laughed real hard at you. Don’t get me wrong, I was raised in the church and was baptized as a teenager. But my worldly desires led me down a path of drinking, sex, filthy talk, partying like a rock star in a cowboy hat, and nearly anything else you can think of until I met my wife.

When she met me, she was looking for the rowdiest, orneriest, good-timenest cowboy she could find. I was the lucky one. Little did we both know that God would work through her and show me what life is really about.

We used to live and run the family ranch near Coyanosa, Texas with our two children: My daughters Reilly, and my son Griffin. That was until God called us to Colorado. I never thought I would leave Texas, but God often calls us out of our comfort zone and into His service.

I published my first book in April of 2011. The Great Cow-mission is a collection of short stories and devotions that are sure to reach into the heart of any cowboy or cowgirl. Click here to get your copy or just go to Amazon.com or any other online place where great books are sold.

I have founded a non-profit corporation called Save the Cowboy. There are many organizations that will send missionaries to the farthest parts of the world, but Save the Cowboy sends cowboy missionaries into the pastures. Check us out as www.savethecowby.com.

In my free time, I am an avid reader and enjoy writing, training horses, playing the X-box with my kids, and hanging out with friends.

My contact information

You can contact me through email or follow me on facebook or twitter.


All the articles of Campfire Cowboy Ministries are copyrighted and are the sole property of me unless duly noted. I would love for you to share them with friends, family, and others that you think would benefit from them. All I ask is that you include my name or website address and please do not use anything for monetary gain unless you have my written consent. Most of the pictures on here come from Flickr under the Creative Commons section and all attempts have been made to attribute such pictures to the proper folks.

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  • Dick Holloway

    Keven, Uncle Dick here. Have been a subsciber for a while and Nan sent’em before that. I share your devotionals here on campus and have – oops- used to have a pretty good “forwarding” list.
    Told them all today to get their subscription in.
    Looking forward to seeing you and the family at Aunt Nan’s 80th over Memorial Day.
    Thanks, Cowboy, for what you’re doin’. There’s gonna be a star on that 20X Stetson up there!

  • Darby Sorrell

    Hi Kevin, Glad to see the new site it looks good. I always enjoy reading your devotionals and have passed them on to friends and family. I will try to get them to subscribe and continue to remember you and christie and how you showed me a different perspective on life with god as my leader.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Darby,
      Glad to hear from you. Hope everything is going well for you. We sure miss ya’ll.

  • Thanks for everything! Felt very welcomed, good hanging out and catching a well-needed breath for the the journey! jeff

  • Gary Warden

    Hi Kevin,
    At some point in our life we all wish we were something more than we are. I often wish that I were a cowboy. The truth of the matter is, however, I don’t have a cowboy bone in my body. I could not ride a horse if it had a steering wheel. Any campfire cooking I do must involve a microwave. The honest, proud, hardworking, ingenious, lifestyle of a cowboy is something all men wish they could replicate, but most of us can not.
    I said that, to say this. Your devotions bridge a huge valley that normally separates the cowboy, and those like me, that don’t have a clue. God’s Word, is God’s Word, and the talent you have been given by Him, to lay it on the line in such a wonderful way, that applies to us all, is nothing short of amazing.
    A real cowboy is truly a gift from God. You guys are made out of the things that all men wish they could attain, but few have the guts and grit to even get close. Yet your insight gives us the binding kinship of Christian brotherhood. Thank you so much for sharing the Word.
    Love in Christ

    • Kevin

      Wow Gary, you want to write an article sometime for me? Thanks so much for the kind words. I think you may be more cowboy than you think you are. Thanks for dropping in and God Bless.

  • Jason Weatherby

    Hey bro, I appreciate you taken one for the team when you played ball with the kids Sunday. I know that was as rough as breakin’ a two year old. After the readin’ this morning, something similar came to me. Last weekend was the first full weekend off I’ve had since man was created it seems like. So Saturday Seth was on me like a tick to throw the baseball to him. For one, I have never really enjoyed baseball but my boy is pretty darn good at it and I decided I would support him no matter what it was. Second, it was the coldest day in the last couple of weeks and standing outside in 40 degree weather didn’t seem that fun. Third, I really just wanted to sit on the couch and hang out on my precious day off. I gues you can figure out what I did….I got off my butt, grabbed my glove, and headed outside to the frozen tundra. To make a long story short, the next day my arm sore from the 3 million balls I threw to him and I busted his lip once trying to get him to get under the ball on pop-flys. He plays left field because the coach said he needed someone with a good head on his shoulders to be out there. Monday we had a game and sure enough, in the second inning a kid smacks one into left field towards my boy and he snagged it like a large mouth bass. I think he still had a smile on his face this morning and I realized that I might have something to do with it. By the grace of god I got off my rear and simply played ball with my eight year old. Who knows if it had a role in the game but in our minds we practiced and he made the play. I bet I end up outside alot more this year and I an’t wait! Lesson learned, spend time with the ones you love and don’t forget God in that equation. He’s holding the reins!

    • Kevin

      Thanks for takin’ the time to submit a comment little brother. You have reached near celebrity status on this site. From you gettin’ bucked off of broncs I told you were gentle as marshmallows to fist fights in Snyder, Texas, you have been there for me through thick and thin. If anyone ever wanted to know how to be the best brother, Dad, and friend a man could know, all they would have to do is look at your life.

      I apologize for the past and future posts that have and will always include you. I’m proud to be your brother, but equally proud to be compadres!

      Now that the kids are gettin’ older, the first annual Coyanosa football game plans need to be made.

  • Cathy

    I have been enjoying your message so much and have been forward it onto friends and other family members too. In hopes it up lifts their spirits and gives them hope too. Thank you so much! Sincerely Cathy Evans

    • Kevin

      Thanks Cathy, not just for the comment, but on being used by God to spread His message. You’re always welcome at our campfire.

  • Can’t say that I know much about being a cowgirl, but the warmth and safety of a campfire reminds me of times spent camping with family and friends. It’s nice to be reminded of those times here.

    Glad to find you through High Calling Blogs!

  • Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for visiting at my blog. After reading your comment, I was going to say something about enjoying the making of Smores over an open campfire. Now that I’ve read your post, I can see that would be most appropriate.
    Like Cheryl, I can say that camping and a campfire stir warm family memories from when our oldest son was young. Those are special times that will not be forgotten.

  • Kevin C Buchanan

    Hey Kevin, Love receiving the daily ministries and to answer question #5. I have shared your postings with friends and co-workers because the “Cowboy way” of thinking is unique. The way you relate your stories with the way we interact with and praise the Lord are always inciteful. Thanks alot keep up His good work.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Kevin,

      It’s people that are willing to share Christ with others, no matter if it’s this simple ministry or actually giving your testimony, that will fulfill our duties that Christ gave us. Go and share the Good News.

      P.S. Your website is awesome!!

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  • Don Coyote

    Don’t know too much about cowboyin’, so I’ve been told, but I sure do love Jesus.

    You got some pretty good stories I think, and thanks to one of ’em I’ve altered my cross-breeding program and will be looking for some Santa Footrudis frozen embryos to bring down here and implant.

  • Lori Adams

    Hey cousin! I thought I would get on here and comment too! I have laughed so hard over some of the articles I cried! (ex: Old lady fried chicken, Olive Garden, and hair on fire) On the other hand, the other articles have touched me and I have passed them along to people that are in need of Jesus in their life. What you are preaching is great and it is up to God’s people to spread the Word. I love you and the family and hope you continue to answer this calling! Ya perty derned gud at it!

    • Kevin

      Thanks Lori. I pray that everything is good with you and Robby. Give those kids a big hug for me!!

  • Joe Mckee

    I have just recently found your site.There are things in my life that are bringing me Closer to God. I just wanted to say thank you for your site is a real help in my life right now.

  • Jordon brought my attention to your ministry and service, and we would be honored to list you, at no cost, as a participant in our International Christian Recovery Coalition, would also put a link to your site, and would welcome your linking to ours if you like. In His Service, Dick B. http://www.dickb.com

  • Joe Ann Long

    Kevin, please add me to the daily devotionals list. Nan forwards some to me but I would like to receive them from you. We are very proud of you and keep you & your family in our prayers.
    Love to you all, Aunt Joe

    • Kevin

      I sent you an email…be sure and check it for the verification.

  • Darby Sorrell

    Dear Kevin,
    I was Happy to read about the work god done for your dad recently. I went to san antonio a couple weeks ago to meet with my mom and while i was there i also stopped by a local family christian store to get a new bible for myself. Being into technical things as you can probably remember i got a eletronic version of the bible now that i carry everywhere. I read the devotionals in it daily now and work to build my personal relationship with god. Thank You again from a lost soul that found the light that leads to god’s house.

    • Kevin

      Your walk with God from where I first met you is an inspiration to me and everyone else. Your relationship with Jesus is the most important thing…keep it up!!

  • Kevin Hundtoft

    Kevin, I met and heard you preach at the old Lutheran Church in Vernon last Sunday. Just want to thank you for what you had to say about being one of the 72 the Lord sent out. You spoke to my heart. The weekend at the Old Time Saturday was a part of God’s plan to humble this hardened soul, and your message brought His lessons together for me as I sat there in that country church. The Lord’s timing is so amazing to me. I mean, how did I end up in Vernon from Hawaii (Maui) to hear a message I really needed to hear? Thank God you are open and sensitive to his Spirit. You’re a gifted story teller. Preach it, brother!

    • Kevin

      Thanks Kevin!! You’re words are a great encouragement to me and it was a pleasure to meet you. The greater pleasure however, seems to be your run in with God. You too are going to have an amazing testimony when God is done with you.

      I’m always around if you need anything. Thanks again!

  • Hey, I bumped into your website today. Nice job brother! Thought I’d share our ‘church vision’ with you:

    “The Campfire”. You can check us out……Blessings

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