Are you willing to ride where no one else rides?

by Kevin on June 1, 2010

What is the difference between searchin’ and just lookin’?

When gathering cattle, you have a certain area to cover. It is your responsibility to gather all the cattle in the path that you are riding. There is a cowboy on your left and on your right unless you are the pivot man or the outside rider. In either case, no gathering will be a good one if you don’t cover your area well.

One the things that just irritates the snot out of me are those cowboys that go straight from point A to point B. The boss drops them off at a certain place and they know where the destination is. When the signal is given to begin, they take off and make a bee line straight for the pens.

If they happen to see some cattle, they will go get them. But otherwise, they are just going to finish their job with only minimal output.

The problem with this is that a cow will usually always see you before you see them. When they catch the first whiff of you coming, some of them will try to hide in thick brush or low places. They don’t do this alone either. They are sure to bring their calf with them.

When we gather, we should search our entire area for cattle. This means zig-zagging our way through the pasture checking every “nook” and “cranny” we can find. Just because there doesn’t appear to be any cattle, doesn’t mean they are not there.

We must come to the realization that we are to gather the pastures God has given us by searchin’ for the lost and hurting, not just lookin’. The lost aren’t gonna be found out there in the wide open, they are gonna be found hunkered down in the thick mesquite. They are scared, they are hurt, and they are hiding.

We have become accustomed to just riding along in a straight path toward heaven and if we see someone that needs God, we are sure to “try” and gather them. We need to start searchin’ for those that need to find the Lord instead of just lookin’ from our high perch.

This means riding out into the canyons and up the steep mountains. You will have to go where other cowboys aren’t willing to go. You will get scraped up and cut from thorns and other difficulties. It’s going to be hot. It’s going to be cold. It’s going to be rocky and even muddy at times. You will sometimes find no way out and have to back up and go a different direction. But God didn’t say just to ride along and gather the lost if you happen to see one.

I am encouraging you today to put your chaps on, get a long sleeved shirt, and get ready to go where the lost are hiding. Remember, the calves learn from their mommas and daddies.

You will find your reward when you reach the end of your journey, but until then, find your purpose. It’s hunkered down in the darkness, wanting to be found but too scared to come out.

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  • A much more applicable metaphor than casting out nets for fish. Thank you for sharing!

  • Good reminder that being a Christian isn’t always easy. That we have to go to places nobody wants to go to reach the least of these, to reach out to the people that nobody likes too.

  • The problem that I see in many churches, even in mine sometimes, is that we don’t even get out of the pen, let alone go after the hard to find strays. We stay in the comfort and security of our corral and expect the strays to somehow find their way to the pen, through the gate, and stay there with us. I’m glad Jesus didn’t do that. He left His rightful place on the throne of heaven to “seek and to save that which was lost.” And He included me. –Richard

    • Kevin

      Richard, one the things that aggravates me the most about churches today is that they infer that in order to hear about Jesus, they have to walk inside a church. It’s a mentality of the church that we have to fight tooth and nail.

  • Great post today, Kevin.

    • Kevin

      Thanks for stopping by Chad.

  • Michael Deiter

    Kevin, I have been following you for the last couple of week (due to a mutual friend – Nolan Bobbitt). I am amazed at the “un-common” sense! I have begun to really look forward to your posting and what God is saying throught it to me. Keep up the good work and God bless!

    • Kevin

      Thanks for stopping by the campfire Mike. I’ll be glad when Nolan is back to blogging. I sure miss his stuff. Come back and see us again.

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