Autumn’s Re-Ride Youth Ranch

by Kevin on July 1, 2011

When Campfire Cowboy Ministries runs across a ministry that is truly changing people’s lives, we like to share it with the world. Today’s ministry is Autumn’s Re-Ride Youth Ranch. Please watch the following video and see what we mean. Be sure and check out their website at

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  • Greg Box

    Wow – very inspirational and a wonderful reminder of how our Awesome God can work through us and with us – all of us – if we just let him have the reins. I loved the part that she said about the goodness and changes that are being taken place inside the hearts, mind, body, and soul as the pens are being scooped and walking through that gate and knowing that whatever they dealt with that day, that they can leave that at the gate and come as they are! GOD IS GOOD All THE TIME! Thanks For Sharing – Blessings.

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