Be Sticky

by Kevin on October 26, 2011

With the wind howling outside and a possible 18″ of snow headin’ our way, I kissed my wife goodbye as I left to go work cows for a local rancher. She cupped both sides of my face with her hands and said, “Hey cowboy! Be sticky.”

I got the call Sunday night and Chris asked if I was available to work cattle on Tuesday. He asked if I would be willin’ to put some miles on a three year old colt that had bucked his dad off and broke his neck…literally!!

I told him I’d be there with my bronc saddle and that I looked forward to it.

This was going to be more than gatherin’ some cattle and ridin’ a bronc. It was going to be a chance for others to see if this cowboy preacher’s words lined up with what he claimed his capabilities were. Now, they might not have thought that way at all, but I did.

I’m new to the area and if you listen to my sermons, you’ll hear stories of buckin’ horses and wild cattle. But that’s just it, to these people, they’re just stories. Deep down inside, all these people want to make sure that my words line up with my actions.

I don’t have to prove myself to any cowboy or cowgirl, but sometimes we need to. It builds credibility, acceptance, and trust.

As Christians, we need to do the same thing. Maybe you won’t be workin’ cattle, but you will be working and people will be watching.

Do your actions line up with what you claim?

What happens when you have to ride a bronc while others are watchin’? That’s a metaphor for everyone, but in my case it was real.

I lunged Mickey around in a circle, attempting to level out the three foot hump in his back. Slowly but surely, the mountain became a mole hill. It was still there, but it was a little less dramatic.

Two cowboys and one cowgirl toed their stirrups and climbed on while I said a little prayer as I tightened my cinch. With my foot in the stirrup, I swung up smoothly into the saddle, grabbin’ a deep seat as quickly as I could.  I prepared myself for what I knew was coming.

The horse jumped straight up in the air and kicked out sideways as he sunfished to the left. I didn’t have a good toe in my right stirrup, so I just used my spur to hang on. I concentrated on keepin’ that left stirrup and stayin’ in the middle of him. The words of my wife’s morning send off echoing in my ears, “Hey cowboy! Be sticky.”

Everything was goin’ well until a polar bear charged out from the trees!

But what do I know? Even though that’s the scenario I planned for, this good lookin’ little three year old just stepped right on out without a bobble. I had to peddle him all the way to the backside of the pasture, but once we got on some cattle, this little guy was ready to work.

We can imagine our broncs will be bad as all get out, but when you have Jesus ridin’ with you, he’ll sometimes take the buck right out of ’em.


Have you ever had a situation where Jesus took the buck out of your “bronc”?


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  • Don Coyote

    Yes sir!

    Don’t know many who haven’t. But once-upon-a -time, I had the bad habit of every now and then giggin’ a pet just ta put on a show fer the gunsels. The Boss straightened me out on that account.

    • Kevin

      I’ve done that before. Them pets can sure buck sometimes!

      • Don Coyote

        ‘Specially when they’re bein’ encouraged ;o{-

  • Carla

    I posted this on Facebook, but with everything that has happened this last week, I couldn’t tell you how many times the Lord took the buck out of the bronc for me.

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