Calvary vs. Cavalry – Guest Post by Brenda Dillon

by Kevin on February 13, 2011

“Therefore He is able to save completely those who come to God through Him, because He always lives to intercede for them.” –Hebrews 7:25

If we are to be honest, we must all admit to having at least one “pet peeve”; that one thing that wrinkles our brow whenever we encounter it.  For me it’s hearing the word “Calvary” used in reference to the U.S. “Cavalry”…those brave soldiers we watch on TV, charging in with trumpets blaring to rescue some poor soul who has gotten himself captured by the Indians.  Unfortunately, before saddles are hung and horses cooled another rescue is required of them.  Unlike our men in blue, at “Calvary” the act of rescue was complete and for eternity.

When I was young this truth was hard for me to grasp.  I felt a need to “get saved” each time I disobeyed.  But if Jesus left me every time I sinned and returned after each time of repentance, my heart would need a revolving door.  I knew and believed Jesus died for me, that He rose from the dead and was in heaven with His Father; but I didn’t understand that when I asked Jesus’ to be my Savior and Lord, His righteous standing before God was awarded to me…a free gift, not given temporarily, but for eternity.  Jesus was the holy sacrifice whose blood washed away ALL my sin, once and for all when He gave Himself up at Calvary. (Heb. 7:27)

The world advertises rescue in many ways; doing good, being good, giving money, being religious or following some heroic leader… (Gen. Custer’s men found this doesn’t work)…yet none can remove sin or guarantee eternal life; only trusting in Jesus’ work at Calvary.

For me, Mt. Calvary represents my rescue from Hell and hope of Heaven.

Note from Kevin:

Brenda Dillon is a fantastic writer of Christian Devotionals. I couldn’t post this devotion without letting all our cowboys and cowgirls know that Brenda sure knows what she’s talkin’ about. Here is an excerpt from an email she sent me.

This past year I became an “empty nester” and began seeking a ministry that would use my God-given abilities, spiritual gifts and life experiences. God opened the door for me to write devotionals for area church websites, newsletters and a personal project. Besides my love for studying God’s word, I have a love for “cowboying”. My adopted parents have a ranch on the north fork of the Powder River near Kaycee, WY. Moving cattle up the mountain in May and bringing them down in September can be fun, treacherous, hot, cold, rainy, snowy and hard…hard work. I have ridden with some great cowboys and knowledgable cattlemen; and ridden some extremely talented horses. (If Chris L. was still with us, you could ask him about the gray mare,”Molly”, or “Paleface”, who wears Harry Vold’s brand) (Not dropping names, just feel very blessed!) But do ya know when I like it best? When after riding from “can see to can’t see” (Thank you Louie L.) we settle down in the cabin with the wood stove warming the room and only the propane light burning and I can sit and listen to the stories… or Mark quoting Waddie’s poetry…

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  • Don Coyote

    Yep, a good ‘un fer sure, thanks Brenda

  • Scott McCausey

    Great devo Brenda! Thanks for posting this Kevin.

  • Becky Pellett

    I know Brenda personally, we are fellow sister’s in Christ. I have gottren to know Brenda better this last year through Bible studies we have been in together. She has a real God given talent for interpreting His Word. Thanks Brenda for sharing your gifts . Hugs, Becky

    • Kevin

      She was sure a blessin’ to this cowboy!!

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