Christian Cowboy Quotes 4-26-11

by Kevin on April 26, 2011

Do you need a cowboy quote for your Facebook status? Do you need a catchy tweet? Campfire Cowboy Ministries has a tack room full of original and semi-original Christian cowboy quotes for you. Be sure and check us out on Facebook  at Campfire Cowboy Ministries and on Twitter at @CowboyMinistry.

-The three words spoken in a graveyard that changed everything: “He ain’t here!”
-Self-respect is the measure of how much you believe God loves you.
-You should never have to check you bank account balance to see if you are wealthy or blessed.
-It’s impossible to willingly ride the wrong trail and expect to end up at the right destination.
-Many an enemy has been made by complaining about a friend.
-Two things are hard to sell: A horse that you won’t ride and a religion that you won’t live.
-Keep your word even if you think it’s gonna kill you. When you do this, two things happen: People will admire you for it and you learn to keep your mouth shut.
-Back in the old days, when a man finished work, he needed rest. Now he needs exercise. –Save The Cowboy
-Most people don’t realize that someone has to make the coffee on Sunday morning. There is no such thing as the “Immaculate Percolation”.
-Not having the spiritual gift of massive amounts of facial hair at times makes me feel inferior in Cowboy Church. Luckily I got sarcasm.

Do you have an original Christian cowboy quote? Leave it in the comments below and you may find it featured somewhere…


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