Christian Cowboy Quotes 5-2-11

by Kevin on May 2, 2011

Do you need a cowboy quote for your Facebook status? Do you need a catchy tweet? Campfire Cowboy Ministries has a tack room full of original and semi-original Christian cowboy quotes for you. Be sure and check us out on Facebook  at Campfire Cowboy Ministries and on Twitter at @CowboyMinistry

-Jesus wasn’t Mr. Rogers in a toga. He was more like a cross between the Man from Snowy River and Braveheart. If you try to remove Jesus’ masculinity, you have removed who he really was!
-Three things won’t come back in life: a word said, a colt’s first ride, and an opportunity squandered.

-Someone said something about a royal wedding this morning, but there must have been a mistake. Robert Duvall is already married.

-You can lead a cowboy to Water, but you can’t make him drink.
-Out of everything God has made, only you can tell him no. (I wouldn’t advise this though.)
-“If we should lock up all the feeble-minded, who would write all our hit songs?” –Dobie “One” Cow-nobi
-IQ ain’t near as important as I Will.

Do you have an original Christian cowboy quote? Leave it in the comments below and you may find it featured somewhere…


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