Christian Cowboy Quotes and Sayin’s 12-30-11

by Kevin on December 30, 2011

The fastest way to become an idiot is to argue with one. –Kevin Weatherby

Religion is the attempt of a works based people to understand a grace based God. –Kevin Weatherby

Dare to be yourself and you’ll dare to be happy. –Kevin Weatherby

I’d rather have a lamp unto my feet than a spotlight unto my face. –Kevin Weatherby

God gives us all at least one thing we are good at and we spend our whole lives trying to improve all the things we stink at. –Kevin Weatherby

A Christian that’s too busy to serve is like a cowboy that’s too busy to feed his horse. –Kevin Weatherby

Nothing can stop a man that follows God except his own excuses. –Kevin Weatherby

If negativity hurt as bad as a receiver hitch to the shin, people might be a little more positive. –Kevin Weatherby

Don’t miss the beauty of today on the expectation of a better tomorrow. –Kevin Weatherby

You might be at a cowboy church if the sermon is on “Faith of a Mustard Seed” and someone wants to know if you can feed ’em to cattle. –Kevin Weatherby

Purpose in life is just being who you are while pointing towards Christ. –Kevin Weatherby

Religion is the dirt that muddies the Water. –Kevin Weatherby

I’m learning that most of the betrayals in my life were merely differences of opinion that I took personally. –Kevin Weatherby

Thinking that God is mad at you is like taking your happiness and throwing it in the campfire. –Kevin Weatherby

Thankfulness is the key to prosperity, not money or material things. –Kevin Weatherby

Trusting in sin for your happiness is like trusting a coyote to guard your steak. –Kevin Weatherby

You were meant for so much more. –Kevin Weatherby

The greatest gift ever given wasn’t wrapped in fancy paper, but in swaddling clothes. –Kevin Weatherby

You only get one shot at today… sure your gun is loaded. –Kevin Weatherby

Never trust a man that won’t smile at either a new colt, a new baby, or a new day. –Kevin Weatherby

Dwelling on what your critics say is akin to ridin’ your horse through the same mesquite bush over and over and over and over and over….. –Kevin Weatherby

A hypocrite is someone who focuses on others sinfulness while proclaiming their own humanness.

Sometimes the greatest act of love you can do for someone is to tell them to shut-up. –Kevin Weatherby

The only thing worse than a painful lesson is not learning from it. –Kevin Weatherby

Strive to be a lantern every day, not just bonfire on Sunday morning. –Kevin Weatherby


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  • Don Coyote

    Happy New Years to you and yours.

  • Jamie Trout

    Love your quotes. I love using some of them. They really do put a mark on your heart.

  • Teya

    I love reading all of you quotes. I post them on my ranch every now and again.

  • BJ

    Love the quotes – such an inspiration!

    Keep on the sunny side!


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