Christian Cowboy Quotes – April 4, 2011

by Kevin on April 4, 2011

Do you need a cowboy quote for your Facebook status? Do you need a catchy tweet? Campfire Cowboy Ministries has a tack room full of original and semi-original Christian cowboy quotes for you. Be sure and check us out on Facebook  at Campfire Cowboy Ministries and on Twitter at @CowboyMinistry.

You need enough honesty to fill a feed sack to tell if you’re tired . . . or just lazy.

Faith ain’t about what you think God CAN do….but what you know He WILL do.

If your work is ever finished, one thing’s for sure–you’re not a cowboy, or a Christian.

Jesus comin’ back on a white horse is proof enough for me that there are horses in heaven.

God and coffee seem to take forever, but before you know it, they’re there to give you what you need just when you needed it most.

Riding well doesn’t matter to God, but willing to ride does.

If your love of God doesn’t take you to church, then it probably won’t take you to heaven either.

The Word of God is the receiver hitch that teaches us to watch where we’re goin’.

It takes a hard lesson to teach a hard head.

Build a big loop, tuck it under your arm, and when your day tries to run off, swing big, swing hard and swing like you can’t miss.

Do you have an original Christian cowboy quote? Leave it in the comments below and you may find it featured somewhere…


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  • Don Coyote

    “When Satan and his boys are attackin’ like a band of wild Comanches, be glad fer it and know that you’re in the right camp. ‘Cause if you were ridin’ with the Comancheros, the Comanches wouldn’t be payin’ ya no mind”

    Gotta confess I had some help with that one.

  • Jason Caudell

    It doesn’t matter how you fall off as much as it does to dust yourself off pick your hat and get back on for another try.

  • Jason Caudell

    I’d rather come through the fire smellin of smoke than to avoid the wild fires of life. A real cowboy saddles up no matter tall the flames.

    • Kevin

      good un

  • Jason Caudell

    Being a Luke warm Christian is like a cowboy riding with a uncinched saddle, your bound to get hurt.

  • heather

    awesome website guys. God Bless!!

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