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by Kevin on November 10, 2011

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Christian Cowboy Quotes for October

Halfway is the devil’s tradin’ post where most travelers decide to give up.

You can’t have patience with dogs, cattle, horses, or kids until you learn to be patient with yourself.

Lookin’ down the business end of the Bible will result in dying to self.

It’s your choice whether you fly with wings like eagles or trod along like a pack mule.

Remember to load your brain before you shoot your mouth off. –The Worst Preacher’s Wife Ever

You can’t impress a horse or a good friend.

A life without Jesus is ten pounds of sad in a two pound sack.

A church needs to have an outward mission based focus. Once they become solely inwardly focused, the transition from mission based to ministry based to maintenance to just a memory is all to familiar. –Robert Miller

Don’t spend your life in reverse. Put that thing in drive and let’s go.

God won’t give you anything He can’t handle.

Takin’ things personal is opening the gate and lettin’ the devil come in.

Only a cowboy’s wife would tell him the morning of riding a bronc to gather cattle, “I’m prayin’ that you’ll be sticky.” Thank you God for cowboy wives.

Sin is a noose around your neck. Will you hand the other end to the world or to Jesus?

God always provides. He just doesn’t always provide room service.

One of the greatest things you can do for God is be the cowboy or cowgirl he made you to be.

You can’t be one person on Sunday and another on Monday without God knowing it. He checks his pastures every day.

God made horses tall so that cowboys and cowgirls could see more of his great creation.

Smiling at your enemies is sometimes better than any Cowboy Kung-Fu move in your arsenal.

May your stirrup and your trust in God always be within reach.

When watchin’ a cowboy, don’t look for perfection ’cause you won’t find it. Instead, look for the try in his eye, the purpose in his path, and his faith in the Lord.

The gate to heaven cannot be opened by the strongest, smartest, wealthiest, or good-est, but it swings open easily for the small hands of a child-like faith.

Being great according to God will always surpass being great according to man.

Friends don’t say, “I told you so.” They stand there and grin and never say a word.

God will not speak louder than my selfishness.

God wants a relationship with you that is tied hard, not dallied.

Church is where Christians are preconditioned for heaven….without the castration.

He can’t win unless you give in.

When things seem to be unraveling, just remember that God can’t feed what you have to others until he pulls the string that’s keeping your feed sack closed.

Many a mistake have come from wide open wallets and wide open mouths.

Workin’ your way to heaven is as easy as herdin’ flies up a fence line.Worry is like tryin’ to ride down the trail with your saddle on backwards. You might get there, but you’ve sure made life difficult on yourself.

The stone in front of the tomb wasn’t rolled away for Jesus. It was rolled away for us.The world is like a goat. It’s never satisfied with anything you do. It’s appetite is voracious. It will knock you down, crap on your porch, and then eat the shirt right off your back.

Let’s hear your best Christian Cowboy Quote!!


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  • Don Coyote

    You cain’t tell who burned yer pastures just by lookin’ at the ashes.

  • Greg Box

    Wow – what a string of awesome quotes! Thank You!

    God Is Good – All The Time!!

  • Robert “TK” Paris

    When you are fearing the Devil, just grab yer bull rope slap it on him and spur him til his sides cave in. Then the Angels will pull ya off at the end of the ride and say, “Good Ride, Cowboy!”

  • Kandis Stevens

    the devils only tryin ta steal our pasture with the Lord.

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