Christian Cowboys In Action – Aug. 7, 2010

by Kevin on August 7, 2010

Every so often, I am blessed with a real life testimony of how a cowboy or cowgirl is doing their part in spreading the gospel. These people aren’t missionaries or ministers. They are just regular cowboys and cowgirls living their lives for Christ. Thanks to Shawn Storey and his awesome tale of an experience he had recently. This is the email I received:

Kevin, I read your CCM post and wanted to share this story with you.

Last night, I went to the store in town to get fuel for my wife so she didn’t have to mess with it in the morning. As I was waiting in line to pay, this gentleman in front of me, who was dirty and sweaty as all get out, was talking to another man in line about how rough and hot his day was. He talked about how he REALLY WANTED a cold beer.

I noticed he only had one can of beer and he set it on the counter. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a hand full of nothing but nickles and pennies. I told him to put his money back in his pocket and that I’d buy his beer. After going back and forth a bit, I told him go home, relax, enjoy your beer and be blessed.

You couldn’t have got the shocked look off his face with a wire brush. As he walked out the door we exchanged “God Bless” (I think that might have been only the 2nd or 3rd time those words ever came out of his mouth).

As I left, he was standing outside waiting for me and asked a few questions like, “Are you a preacher or something?” I told him no and you could see he was having trouble wrapping his head around this.

So I said, “Let’s be honest, your having a little trouble because the same person that bought your beer also wants God to bless you.” (lol) He finally agreed with that.

End of the story is that we had a great talk about the LOVE of Jesus. Before I left, he REALLY KNEW that Our Father judged Jesus enough on the cross that it left no room for any judgement. He said right before he left that no one has ever told him the commandment Jesus left us with was to “love others as I have loved you.”

I got to tell ya Kevin, I cried all the way home and I am little watery now. My heart’s cry is that all followers show the love of Jesus!!! Judgement is only for the day he comes back!

Shawn Storey attends the Open Range Cowboy Church in Krum, Texas and is one of the founders of a ministry called Water 10:42. They are trying to raise money to drill a water well in Africa. Where there is a water well, a church and a school usually follow. We thank God for Shawn and his dedication to God through living a life devoted to Jesus Christ and helpin’ others. Please visit Water 10:42 on facebook by clicking here.

Matthew 10:24 – And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers you will surely be rewarded…

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  • Amazing! I’m all teary, too. (sniff!) Praise God!

  • Greg Wells

    Hey Kevin, what a great testament to how the love of God changes one’s eyesight.

  • Love it, Kevin. A beautiful story! We need to give more and not worry about where it is going.


  • This was a great story and he met that man’s practical need and because of that he was able to share Jesus Christ..A seed was planted…Now comes the growing part…hope that gentleman comes to faith in Jesus Christ!! Thanks for sharing this!! Sincerely, Heather from Oregon

    • Kevin

      It’s always a blessing to have you stop by Heather. Our job is to plant the seed and then trust in God to water it and make it grow.

      • True that!!!! I see lots of examples of that around here where I live, too 🙂 🙂 Thanks again for sharing this with all of us!!!

  • What a great story! Praise God! We could all learn from this generous man’s example.

    • Kevin

      I think that we need to be just as diligent at meeting the lost where they are as we are at expecting them to walk through a set of church doors.

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