Christian Cowgirls in Action — Blanca Wilkins

by Kevin on November 19, 2010

You probably know Blanca as “The Band Director”. Yup, she’s the one who was at the Return to Community Event in Big Lake. If you missed that devotion, you can read it here. She didn’t kill me for the article and has graciously agreed to tell us all about her ministry. Thank you to this special lady who can show us the true meaning of serving others.

1. How did you get involved with sign language and how long have you been doing it? 

Originally, I was the person in the back of a Church placing the words on the wall so the congregation would be able to sing along.  And I was just fine in the little booth by myself.  I had to pay attention to the Praise and Worship team as they sang the songs and make sure I kept up.  I saw the other two “Signers’ who would sign in our Church and would love to watch, sometimes I’d forget to change the words….but then I figured out what was going on by watching. I fell in love with signing and said one day I’d love to sign too! 

Well, it began with signing one song with our Ladies Group. We signed “I Can Only Imagine” about 5 years ago.  I could hear the song however when I used my arms to sign the song and it gave it a deeper meaning.  I felt the song within me as If I COULD ONLY IMAGINE. It brought a depth to my soul like no other feeling I’ve ever felt before.  Well, low and behold the other two Signers left the Church, and so did the next person who had step up to fill their place, and she said to me, “Blanca, GOD has told me you need to be the next Signer.”  I said, “I can’t do this!”  She said, “Yes, you can or GOD would not have told me to ask you!”  So I’ve been signing since!!! To GOD Be the Glory is all I can say~

 2. What are some of the things that deaf Christians have to deal with that most people don’t realize?

For one, most words do not translate in phrases…so it’s just a little longer to get your point across. They are not dumb, they just can’t hear you. But in the World, there are more “Happy Hours” places for people that can hear to gather than there are Christian events than I’ve ever seen.

 3. You know as well as I do that when you step out for God and help others, it’s really us that get the blessing. What’s your favorite story of how God blessed you? 

I really enjoy signing and it’s “MY” gift to our GOD and so I always say to those who come up to me and say, I love the way you sign, etc. this phrase, To GOD be the Glory, because they just don’t understand. They can hear. Plus, it’s a worship time for me too!

But, the most touching story I remember is a little hearing impaired boy that started attending our Church, my very first hearing impaired child. I praised my GOD for him each and every day I saw him. He was such a joy to my heart and soul. As we began to grow closer to each other, he wrote me a note (you see, I do not know or understand how to interpret someone signing to me). So as he was going signing so quickly, I must have had that dumb face look on my face. He stopped, wrote a note to me and said, “I will pray for you!” I filled up with tears and was consumed with joy…I could not contain myself.

You see, his mother told him I would be out for a shoulder surgery that would require me to be out about 3-6 months to recuperate…little did I know he knew. I still carry that note with his well wishes today.

4. How did you get involved in the Return to Christ event in Big Lake? 

I met Andrew and Stephanie Helms at OHCC in Floresville, and he called me and asked, then before I knew, I heard my outer voice say yes! I thought, “GOD I can’t do this…I’ve never signed with any other Praise n Worship group other than OHCC.” Andrew said to me “Yes you can!” So I prayed about it…and prayed some more!!!

 5. Are you gonna step on my foot the next time we meet for calling you a band director?

Heck no! I hope and pray if there is a will, there is a way for me to come to Pecos County where you are–maybe your Church…LORD willing. I’m in a family of one…only me…but my GOD reigns in me and HE is bigger than any other! Amen

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  • Carla Helms

    Awesome! Ain’t God grand??!!

  • Oh, this is so cool!!!! I took a semester of American Sign Language when I was in college, but had to stop because of other obligations for my major!! Oh, what a lovely way to praise God with our hands 🙂 🙂 When I read this and what Blanca does…it made me cry …happy tears 🙂 🙂 This is such a neat ministry…and when God calls us to do something…He’ll always provide the strength to get it done 🙂 🙂 Thanks for sh aring this…I am very encouraged by what Blanca does for other people 🙂 Hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

  • Becky

    That’s a great story. I do signlanguage too but am not hard of hearing or deaf. It’s a great ministry, still learning.

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