Christian Guard Dogs and Syrian Refugees

by Kevin on November 23, 2015

Sundays are hard on preachers…and their dogs.

We have two guard dogs. They are African Basenji crosses and they really are from Africa. The brother and sister pair belonged to a missionary over there and these two dogs guarded the compound where she lived.

We had to get them because the very first time we left our daughter home overnight by herself, some people came out to the ranch and were trying to scare her. They were throwing rocks at the house and got her pretty shook up.

They’re lucky they were probably just punk kids and I’m glad that their stupidity went only as far as throwing small rocks. If they’d tried to come in, they probably wouldn’t be here. My daughter can shoot a recurve bow and kill rabbits at 50 feet…and that’s because she’s such a good shot with a gun that she doesn’t think hunting is even fair. Unless its coyotes that killed one of our other dogs.

So we have two Christian guard dogs.

Sunday, we were heading to church and the two dogs followed us to the end of the drive. That’s pretty typical, but on this morning, Ty (Save the Cowboy’s Wagon Boss) was at the end of the road chopping ice in a water trough. My wife lamented to me that the dogs would go across the road because Ty was there.

The famous last words of every husband, “They’ll be fine, honey.”

One mile down the road, my phone rings…it’s Ty.

“Your big red dog just got hit.”

I can feel the heat radiating from my wife, who is looking at me like I had just committed the most atrocious crime in history as she tries to guess what the phone call is about.

I turned to my wife and said, “Ty wants to know if you want a donut and a pumpkin spice latte…in Jamaica…on a beach…with finger monkeys.”

Not really. I didn’t say that, but I wanted to.

The next two miles were pretty intense as I got the details.

When we left, Rocky went to say hello to Ty. He walked right out in front of a truck, but got out of the way at the last minute. After narrowly escaping death, he decided that he’d best go guard the house because that was his calling.

But sometimes Christian dogs get it in their head that their job extends further out than it should. Rocky saw another car coming and turned around, and ran out into the road so he could bite a car going 55 mph.

The car hit Rocky right on the head and pinwheeled him into the ditch. He got up and ran back to the house. Ty jumped in his truck to go check on him and when he got to the house, Rocky ran out in front of him and he had to slam on the brakes (in the snow) to avoid running over Rocky.

I know what you’re thinking…

That donut and pumpkin spice latte sounds real good right now.

Rocky is fine, but he growls at you if you pat him on the head. He may be dumb, but he’s a tough son-of-a-gun.

I was asked yesterday about how I feel about the Syrian refugee situation and what would I do if I was president.

Here is my full answer: I have no idea.

I’m not called to be the president. I’m a cowboy and a preacher. God didn’t give me the opportunity to lead a nation, he gave me the gifts and desires to lead people down that narrow trail and through a narrow gate.

You see, I’m called to guard the house of God, not try to bite political, runaway cars driven by a lot of idiots and one or two good people.

Now I know a lot of you Christians out there are political and that’s fine. I’m not trying to change you or sway you one way or another. I’m answering a question that was asked of me.

But I went back and looked at what Jesus did about the Roman occupation of his homeland during his life on earth. These Romans were killing Jesus’ people by the thousands: Crucifixion, beating, burning, and cutting off people’s heads.

What did Jesus do about it?


That’s one reason the Jews wouldn’t believe he was the Messiah. He did nothing about the Romans. Jesus didn’t save them from Rome, he saved them from hell and themselves.

And you know what else?

Jesus never promised any of his followers that they would be safe from the bad guys. As a matter of fact, he kind of said the opposite. The early church’s mission was to love people…every kind, type, color, and those in any and every situation…and the early church’s mission hasn’t changed.

When Rome tried to kill Christianity by killing its followers, for every one they killed, ten more showed up. When plagues struck the empire, Rome left its citizens to fend for themselves and Christians went in and cared for these sick and dying people…and they died themselves, but they loved on ’em.

If you read your bibles, this old world is going to get very nasty and hard to live in. There is no stopping that from happening. We can’t save this world, but we can introduce people to the man that can save them.

And those types of people? The ones who gave their lives in service to God? The ones who put people before politics? Who didn’t love their loves so much as to shrink from death (Rev. 12:11)?

They will spend eternity in the place that so many others searched for on earth, but could not be found there.

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. -Matthew 6:25

P.S. I will vote, pray, and support the brave men and women that make my freedom to spread the Good News possible. I’d love for you to join me.

matthew 7-14

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