Close encounters of the ranch kind.

by Kevin on September 7, 2010

Over the labor day weekend, we were unable to go anywhere so we just made the best of the situation. We put the tent up in the backyard and all piled in it for a family night under the stars. Little did I know that later on I would be attacked by a monster with no eyes–no kidding!

Our tent has netting on top so you can lay there and look at the stars. I laid there and just wondered how many mosquitoes it took to blot out all the stars in the sky. I caught a glimpse of a star or two as the little critters moved around. It made the stars seem to twinkle that much more. I finally feel asleep to the lullaby of at least the equivalent of our national debt in mosquitoes that were about 2 feet above me.

I remember wakin’ up a few times. I am quite certain that coyotes like smores because they must have smelled them and come to check out that wonderful aroma. There were two or three that hollered at us throughout the night. I just smiled and listened to their howls from about 50 yards away. But neither the mosquitoes nor the coyotes kept me awake for very long or even startled me, that job was left up to Fiona.

Like the tune of Ghost Riders in the Sky, I remember waking to the sound of a horse running. Although no one called my name, I smiled inwardly at the sound of all the horses comin’ in to water in the middle of the night. The tent wasn’t far from the fence and I laid there and pictured them all running in single file through the brush, but one of them sounded a little too close. I had never opened my eyes as I laid there listening, but my curiosity finally got the better of me and I opened my eyes.

The first thing I saw was Fiona lookin’ down at me through the netting in the tent. I love that little gray mare and she is the prettiest little thing you ever saw, except when you are lookin’ up at here with only a sliver of moonlight for illumination. Her two big nostrils looked like empty eye sockets. I wasn’t as awake as I thought I was because I nearly had a heart attack when this monstrosity opened it’s mouth and stuck it’s tongue in one of it’s eyes.

She then blew her nose all over the netting. The tent caught most of her snot rocket and I climbed out of my bed roll when the barrage ended. I put my boots on and unzipped the tent. On my way out, I told my wife that Fiona was out and that I was going to try to get her back in the pen. My wife responded with, “Ok, be careful.” That’s “wife speak” for you do whatever you want, but I ain’t moving a muscle to help you.

With only a very small flashlight, I finally got her back in. I was a tad bit worried about snakes and other things while I got her back to the pen. Several times I wished that my flashlight would have penetrated the darkness further than three feet out. But you know, that light right around me was all I needed.

I didn’t need to see all the way across the pasture, I just needed to see the next few steps. It’s not the snakes down by the draw that will bite you, it’s the ones that are right underneath your feet. Too many times in life, we worry more about things that are far away that we can’t see and we miss the things right in front of us.

Psalm 119:105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

When we have Jesus as the light of our lives, He will always light the path right in front of us. Today, as you are going about your business, don’t worry about the things out in the darkness. Everything you need to see will be made clear in front of you when you trust in God.

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  • I am thankful that God only allows us to see just enough that we have to walk by faith. The monsters in the dark would be enough to scare me into turning around.

    • Kevin

      Candle light is sufficient to see where you are going on the darkest of nights. Thanks Larry.

  • There is no greater light for our path than when the Holy Spirit shines the light of God’s word into our hearts and minds. This light will always point to Jesus, for He is the One we are following (we are not out there in the dark world alone). Pretty good picture there, Kevin. Thanks –Richard

  • Cute story to shine a light on His Word.


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