Confessions of a sinning preacher.

by Kevin on July 29, 2010

The other day, my son came to me and said he needed to talk to me. He kind of looked serious and a little bothered so I didn’t know what to expect. I sat down and he asked me to buy him a new Bible. I was expecting a lot worse than that. My preacher-daddy emotions were brimming over with pride. I asked him why he wanted a new Bible and he said, “Well, I think I’d like to read some of those stories I hear you talking about for myself. And besides, you stole mine so I need a new one.”

I was fixing to deny it. I was going to ask him where in the world he got the idea that I would steal his Bible. Then I remembered, I did have his Bible at the church. I had borrowed it because I liked the way his kid version worded a particular verse that I was doing a sermon on. Come to find out, I liked a lot of the verses in that kid’s Bible. I liked it so much that I didn’t give it back.

Is it a sin to steal, or should I say “borrow forever” a child’s Bible? That might be right up there with a cowboy not knowing what 13MWZ is or a cowboy using “gallons” to describe his hat. I don’t believe in degrees of sin, but if there were, those three would be near the top.

But one thing that is not a sin is to use a version of the Bible that you can understand. Some will say that the only real Bible is the King James Version. Others will tell you that you have to learn Greek or Hebrew and read it in the original text. I ain’t talkin’ any of these opinions down. You believe what you want to believe and read the Bible in Swahili if it makes you feel closer to God.

For those that have a hard time gettin’ through all the “thee’s and thou’s”, there some versions out there that are a little easier to understand. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Griffin’s Bible aka New International Readers Version

It is a full Bible translation and if an eight year can understand it, you can too.

2. New International Version

Probably the most popular easy to read version out there.

3. Contemporary English Version

Probably my favorite of the bunch for reading.

4. New Living Translation

This version is beautifully written. It doesn’t only make it easy to understand, but it leaves in the poetic nature the Bible was written in.

5. Amplified Bible

This one uses words and words and words and words and words and words and words and words and words and words and words……………………….., but it’s still relatively easy to understand.

There just aren’t any excuses anymore for saying that the Bible is hard to understand. There are many choices out there to choose from. Go get one today and experience the joy that can come from reading the Bible.

If this guy can read it and understand it, anyone can.

He gives a new meaning to the title “Lay Pastor”. He is the Pecos County Cowboy Church Facility and Chuckwagon Team Lay Pastor.

Thanks to Stanley Sparks for steppin’ up and given his time and blood to help others.

(Sorry Stanley, I couldn’t resist.)

What version of the Bible do ya’ll like best or read most often?

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  • Seiji

    Best thing about an iPhone: I can still read tour posts!

    My personal favorite translation is the New Jerusalem Bible. There are a few really funky word translations (like “You put me together as a fetus” instead of “you knit me in my mothers womb”) but overall has a nice readability and generally keeps the poetry together

    • Kevin

      Thanks Sage, I’ll check that out. Another one that I like is the Holman Bible. My wife’s grandmother introduced me to that one.

  • My preference for reading is the New International Version but for study I like to use the New American Standard. I don’t have any problem with other versions of the Bible. I think it is important for everyone to read the world of God for themselves and there are many good versions available.

    • Kevin

      I thank God for all the scholarly people out there that have done so much to make the Bible easier to read. I have a Life Application NIV that I just love. Really puts things in perspective.

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