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Whatever’s on your mind, please feel free to contact Kevin by filling out the form below.

Ever had a need for a cowboy speaker?

If you would like Kevin to come and speak at your event, please feel free to contact him below.

Kevin would love to come and speak to your group, congregation, contestants, or audience about:

  • Why do we need Cowboy Churches?
  • The Cowboy Culture
  • How to hold Church for the Un-Churched
  • Why Cowboys make great Christians
  • Behind every great cowboy is an even better rancher’s wife
  • You choose the topic and Kevin will make it Cowboy!!

Kevin speaks with humor and passion about the cowboy lifestyle and how it relates to Christianity. Kevin enjoys speaking to all groups, not just Church functions. He believes in connecting with people, especially those who don’t have a relationship with God. He understands that sometimes the best way to spread the Word of God is through showing people you care about them and the challenges they face.

To make arrangements for Kevin to come and hang out at your campfire for a spell, please fill out the form below.


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