Cowboy Alarm Clock

by Kevin on April 8, 2010

Sometimes, you land jobs however you can get them. When I went to work for the Rocker B Ranch in Big Lake, Texas, they got an extra cow hand, windmill fixer, horseshoe guy, horse breaker, branding pen flanker, and a lot of other titles without having to provide another house or vehicle. I lived with my Dad on the ranch. I guess it worked out for everyone. I had a job and they had more help.

I was about twenty years old when I started full time out there. When I was that age, there was plenty of things I liked to do that didn’t come easy when working on a ranch. Things like: going out with friends until the wee hours of the morning, sleeping in, and taking road trips. When you get up at 4:00 am every morning, you are either too tired to do anything but sleep that night or, if you did go out, you knew you were in for a long day.

I finally decided one night to go and tear things up in town with all my friends. I finally got in bed that night with the hopes of catching about one hour of sleep before we had to get up. I have never really had a hard time getting up in the mornings, but on this morning in particular, I must have been real tired (or something).

My Dad set his alarm every morning and would wake me up when he got up. He didn’t do this with a lot of fanfare. He would walk to my room and say, “Get up.” He didn’t say it loud. He didn’t make sure I heard him. He didn’t do anything but tell me to get up. I was used to getting up early from my previous ranch jobs, but I never heard him that morning.

After tellin’ me to get up, Dad went into the kitchen to make the coffee. He knew what time I came in the night before. Or should I say, he knew what time I got in that morning. Once the coffee was made, he poured him a cup and set it on the table. He then reached under the sink and pulled out a thermos that we used for water. He filled it up just like he did every day before we left. Today though, he would have to fill it up twice.

I know I was sleeping real good. My mouth must have been opened like tin can. I know this because when that gallon of ice cold water landed on my head, I sucked in 1/4 of it through my nose and most of the rest through my mouth. I didn’t know if more damage had been done to my lungs or my head.

When ice cold water is poured on you while you are in a deep sleep, there is scientific evidence that will prove that the first thing you will do is push your way towards the head board. I am grateful that my head board stopped me, although rather abruptly, from stickin’ my wet head through the wall. This action, combined with water in your lungs, will result in an immediate departure from dream land.

For those who have never had the privilege of such an encounter, please allow me to illustrate the feeling. Tonight, stay up until an hour before you are supposed to get up. When it’s time to go to sleep, hang yourself upside down by your ankles so that your head is about three feet above your opened toilet. At the appointed time of waking, have someone cut the ropes in one swift movement. If you have no one to aid you in this, please feel free to contact me and a cowboy representative will be glad to assist you.

When I had stopped choking and the stars left my room, I dressed rather quickly and walked into the kitchen. I was feeling a little ashamed about not getting up, but this was tempered by my anger and a little by my anxiety about what Dad would say to me. When I walked in, Dad looked up from his breakfast, smiled and said, “Would you mind fillin’ the thermos there by the sink. I seemed to have spilled it this morning.”

1 Samuel 9:26 – At daybreak the next morning, Samuel called to Saul, “Get up! It’s time you were on your way.” So Saul got ready, and he and Samuel left the house together.

God speaks to us all the time. He very seldom yells at us or shakes us out of our laziness. God speaks to us real quietly when He tells us to do things. It doesn’t matter if He is telling us to “Get up and go to church” or “Tell your co-worker about me and everything I have done for you.” Life often wears us out and keeps us up late, but we must constantly be ready for when God says, “Get up! It’s time you were on your way with me.”

Jesus didn’t let his weariness on the cross keep him from saving you. Don’t let your weariness keep you from serving Him.

Kevin Weatherby, Pastor

© Kevin Weatherby, 2010

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