Cowboy Christmas Poem

by Kevin on December 15, 2010

Today’s poem is from a cowboy that is sure enough near and dear to my heart. This cowboy served his country in the Marine Corp and rode bulls. He’s as tough today as he was thirty years ago and most of that strength comes from his love for the Lord. He doesn’t know how many times his simple words of encouragement have lifted me up. I received this poem from him and have asked him if I could share it with all of y’all. I hope it touched y’all the way it touched me.

Thanks to Steve Whiteker!!

You see my saddle is empty; I kneel before a cross with my knee upon the ground.

My hat will be held lowered in my hands, my voice will offer no sound;

My very best Christmas wishes will be made from deep within my heart,

A feeling and wishes of love and kindness;  good will to impart.

A wish for peace and calm and happiness is sent along your way;

That we may all lift our thoughts of praise to Him upon this very special day.

As we throw a leg across the saddle and make our way along the trail;

To family and friends we love and greet; let us not forget nor fail

To give thanks for our many blessing and gifts which come from only Him;

Our source strength and forgiveness; may we cherish all of them.

Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

Steve Whiteker

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