Cowboy In The City

by Kevin on August 3, 2010

If cowboys were meant to walk around Six Flags Over Texas and Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, they would have supplied horses. I am going to write to them and try to talk them into providing a couple of good ole ranch horses so cowboys and cowgirls can have a more enjoyable experience.

I spent Tuesday fretting over my feet. I am the type of cowboy that doesn’t even walk across carpet barefooted and the nice folks at Hurricane Harbor wouldn’t let me wear my boots on the water slides. I made it from slide to slide in about 3.28 seconds. The cement was hot enough to burn sourdough biscuits and my feet paid the price.

I would really like to invite everyone to experience this feeling along with me. The feeling can be replicated at home. All you have to do is put a glass pie plate in the microwave for about 38 minutes and then take it out and stand on it. After about 14 times on the plate, have someone take a cheese grader to the bottom of your feet to replicate the sandpaper consistency of running full speed over rough poured concrete.

During one extremely long wind sprint, screamin’ like a boilin’ tea pot, I jumped on the back of a stranger and rode ’em for nearly 18 seconds until some security guards pulled me off of the frightened little boy’s back. I finally had to go put some boots on and I called it quits.

Cowboys just don’t belong in that environment. We can get along all right for a little while, but after two minutes, it starts to get to you. We belong horseback out in the pastures and are more accustomed to branding calves instead of our feet bein’ branded.

When you come to know Christ as your Lord, you will feel the same way about the world. You feel like you just don’t belong there. Everyone else seems to be having fun, but you just feel uncomfortable. The things you used to do and not think twice about now seem awkward and sometimes painful. In this sinful world, we are like cowboys at a water park. We are strangers in a strange land.

1 Peter 2:11

 Dear friends, you are outsiders and strangers in this world.

When you no longer find the fun in the things you used to do, that’s when you know God is working on your heart. When it feels painful to experience the things of this world is when you know that Jesus is changing your very heart and soul.

We are all strangers in a strange land. We are not of this world of sin any longer, but the sad fact is that many people try to live dual lives. They want to be Christians, but they also want to fit in to the world they should have left behind.

So if you feel yourself out of place in some of your old habits, don’t be alarmed but be gladdened. When you no longer feel like tellin’ your dirtiest jokes, don’t be ashamed, but be joyful. When you can’t wait for Sunday to role around so you can go hang out with God and all the people he has introduced you to, that’s when you know you’ve heard God’s call.

Hopefully I’ll see ya’ll all real soon. If you smell DMSO in the wind, it’s just my feet. I can’t wait to see everyone again–if I ever make it out of the city alive.

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  • I’m hysterical at your experiences in the “City”. You really have a way with words–and then the punch line. I didn’t see it coming. But it was so good, Kevin! Now I have a good checks and balance system to see how much of the world is still a part of my life–even after a couple of decades of being a Christian.
    Loved your post. Oh, and have fun in the “City”.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Janis…I can’t wait to get back to normal (if that’s possible) and catch up on you and everyone else.

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