Cowboy Quotes – January 2012

by Kevin on February 8, 2012

God didn’t say there wouldn’t be storms, but he did promise to be your slicker.

I sure am sure glad God doesn’t jerk on the bit every time I do something wrong.

“I listened to him, not because of what he said, but because of what he didn’t.” –Young cowboy talkin’ about his grandfather.

There’s a shot for a snotty nose. Too bad there’s not one for nosiness.

It is not in stained glass that Jesus will be revealed, but in the stillness of a heart that cries out for Him during the ride away from ourselves.

A cowboy learns something new everyday by doing the same thing: Readin’ the Word and ridin’ the herd.

I have no insecurities; I wiped the dirty lies out of my eyes and see myself the way God does.

God doesn’t ever forget the beans, bacon, and biscuits. You are fully provisioned to do everything that God is calling you to do.

If God calls you to it, then you know you can do it.

I want to have a “Man from Snowy River” faith that keeps going when others stop. Take a deep seat, pop your whips, and come and ride with me as we take the Gospel to the world!!

It doesn’t have to be long-winded to be long in meaning.

If you trust the Lord completely, fear and anxiety blow away like a straw hat in a tornado.

Today I begin riding in fearless faith to change the world in my lifetime…starting with the person who rides my horse.

There’s a lot of cow trails out there and the ones that are easiest to follow sometimes just go in circles. -Kent Rollins

I am fully forgiven and free from those outlaws called Shame and Condemnation. They can go back to hell.

God does love you like your dog does…just better.

Trusting your feelings instead of your faith is like seeing a picture of a tornado in a magazine and and then hidin’ in the bathtub.

Believing there is a God and ridin’ for him are two different things. One is like knowin’ where the most beautiful ranch in the world is located and the other is actually living on it.

Satan says he’s holdin’ a straight flush, but I don’t even have to look at my hand to know I’ve got five aces…’cause that’s how God works.

If you feel like you’re always gettin’ tangled up in the brush, take up your cross and carry it instead of draggin’ it behind you.

You can learn a lot about a woman by watching what happens when a man opens the door for her.

You can learn a lot about a man by watching how he handles dogs, kids, and a paycheck.

Why I think this old world is going soft Reason #24 – The art of blowing your nose into the same handkerchief all day long isn’t seen near as much.It was gumption that got us out of the bedroll, hard-headedness that got us untracked and moving, and sheer determination to ride for God that enabled us to do it ever’ day.

Never choose friends or horses based on looks alone.

Don’t ever think you know someone 100% because of the 15% of their life that you think you saw. — The Worst Preacher’s Wife Ever


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  • Greg Box

    Wow – God Is Good – All The Time! Outstanding Devotional This Morning!

    Thanks For All You Do!

    Blessings To You And Your Family Always!


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