The Roamin’ Trail

How to become a Christian Cowboy

There was a cowboy many years ago that thought he was a doin’ the right thing. This man had a bunch of Jesus’ day workers beat up. He was even there when the very first one was killed for believin’ in Jesus. This fellow went by the name of Saul.

Later, Jesus (after he had gone to heaven) stopped him on a country road and got his attention real quick. He told Saul that he was wrong ’bout a lot of things and Jesus got him straightened out. Jesus even went so far as to change not only the man he was, but also what his name was.

Jesus gave him a new life and a new name.

Paul (formerly Saul) would go on to write much of the New Testament. He told anyone who would listen that gettin’ to heaven was available to anyone who trusted in Jesus and gave their lives to Him. Paul laid out this path to eternal life in the book of Romans. He didn’t make anything up, he just repeated what Jesus and all of the prophets in the Old Testament had been sayin’ for a long time.

If you want to live a life with purpose and meaning that will extend all the way to eternity, all you have to do is follow the “Roamin’ Trail” to salvation.

This trail isn’t about fancy ceremonies or initiation rituals. It’s about how you feel deep inside your guts. Saddle up and take a ride with me now as we travel down the “Roamin’ Trail”.

1. Romans 3:23 – Ain’t none of us innocent. We are all sorry son-of-a-guns.
2. Romans 5:8 – God allowed His Son to be killed for all of us, while we were still sorry-son-of-a-guns, because He loved us that much. It’s about His love, not your mistakes.
3. Romans 6:23 – The consequence of our sorriness is that we will one day die, but death is only the gate that leads to eternity for those who believe in Jesus.
4. Romans 10:9 – We all deserve hell for the things we have done. But if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, believe with your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, and that He took your punishment for you, you will be snatched up before you hit the fires.
5. Romans 10:13 – Just so we get the point, God repeats himself in verse 13 when He says, “EVERY sorry son-of-a-gun who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!!!!”
6. Romans 5:1 – We are no longer sorry-son-of-a guns and we have peace because we have been made right in God’s eyes through faith in Jesus Christ.
7. Romans 8:1 – No one can condemn those who have Jesus as their boss.
8. Romans 8:38-39 – Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Not life or death, not angels or demons, not the tallest mountain or deepest canyon, not the past, not the present, not the future, not any power, not a single thing in all of creation. This isn’t just a promise, it’s the Gospel Truth.

If you’re still unsure, let’s boil this down a tad just to be sure we understand a few things. Without these things, there is no truth to what you believe.

* Admitting who you are: We are all no good at all.
* Need to be saved: We are guilty of sin. We do deserve punishment. We want to be better. The only one who can save us is Jesus.
* Believe in Jesus: Intellectual belief means nothing. I believe that Julius Caesar was once the emperor of Rome, but that didn’t change my life. You gotta believe with all your heart and soul.
* Have faith: Faith is trustin’ God no matter what the situation or circumstance. Faith in God ensures a home in heaven, not a smooth trot on earth.

If you are ready, you can accomplish all of this by one simple conversation with God. If you feel all this deep inside your soul, allow me to help you with what you might say to Him.

God, I’m a sorry sinner that realizes I cannot save myself, so I need you. I should be punished for what I am and what I have done, but I know that you took all that punishment for me. For this, I am eternally grateful. I am now askin’ forgiveness and I am handin’ you, not just the reins, but the whole bridle of my life. I have absolutely no control now. It’s all up to you. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart and soul. I know now that I will meet you in heaven.

Congratulations!! You are now a Christian Cowboy. The next step is to share this wonderful news with the world. Don’t be shy. Shout it from the top of the mountain. You can tell the whole world right now by leaving your name right here.

If we don’t meet in this life, I’ll see you in greener pastures.

Pastor Kevin Weatherby

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  • Chad Armstrong

    Im a hollerin brother!!!!

  • Steve Gilcrest

    I’m hollerin with you.

  • Darick B Sprague!

    Ummm… huh? What translation of the bible is this? everyone but the jews? sons-of-guns? i think someone might have bumped the head climbin’ outa there bunk this morn. Also, i don’t think paul road a horse, or had ever heard of a place call Texas…Sorry partner.

    • Kevin

      Thanks for stopping by Darick. It sounds as though you are familiar with the Roman road to salvation. You’re right, I don’t know if Paul ever road a horse, but I can’t find anywhere in the Bible that said he didn’t. But I do know that Jesus is coming back riding a white horse and I hope to be coming in right behind him with ya at that time. God Bless.

  • Darick B Sprague!

    If you look at things strictly from a historical and geological point of view, means of transportation for that particular region at the time in which Paul was venturing about were feet, camels, and donkeys. Horses were around, yes, but were mainly weapons, used in combat. By no means, am i insulting anyone, I realized later that my first comment may have come off that way, and for this i am sorry, i just believe that when we are acting as examples of Christ to an unsaved world, that we had better do it in a right way. I work at a Non-denominational Christian ranch camp in California. Wolf Mountain Camps and Conference Association. Well, at least i did until today, the Lord saw fit to put this faithful place in a position where they’d have to let me go. I’ll be departing shortly after the 8th of this next month. 3 and a half years of service to the Lord at this place, and now i’ve been laid off out of the blue…was it all for not? should I be bitter? NO! not at all. I’m struggling with finding a new place to go, to live, to work…but the Lord is faithful. God is Sovereign. Don’t suppose any of you need help? Ha.

    • Kevin

      Darick, I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I remember a similar situation I was in not a couple of years ago. I was very disappointed in the situation and my wife told me, “If you thought this was the greatest job in the world and you don’t have it anymore, that means that God has somewhere even better for you.” It don’t make it any easier, but God promised to take care of our needs and He don’t break promises–ever.

      Please don’t misunderstand the ministry God has given me Darick. I don’t take my duties spreadin’ the Gospel lightly nor do I ever mean to demean the message. But, Jesus himself used funny stories (camel through the eye of the needle) and Paul probably never ran the race he talked of so much–not literally. The Holy Spirit is alive and working in this ministry and the church that I pastor. We baptized an 80 year old woman a couple of weeks ago and we will baptize a cowboy that has rededicated himself to God this Sunday. This cowboy was actually baptized the first time in the Jordan River. It’s his decision that he wants to be re-baptized. And I support that.

      We might not agree on the method, but it’s the changing of lives that I think we both support. I’m not asking for your agreement, but I will certainly ask for your prayers in this ministry.

      God bless you and you will remain in my prayers,


  • Darick B Sprague

    I do apologize for how i came off again. That is such great news. Its so sweet to hear that you’re savin’ lives. I have been praying for your ministry, and others like yours. The Lord has been teaching me, that even though i don’t understand how you all are doing things…that doesn’t mean He’s using them any less. I fact, I am 100% sure that he is using you. I thank you for the service that you do, and how you’re using your life to further the kingdom! I love you brother! And am definitely praying for you.

    • Kevin

      Cowboy, that’s probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Please let me know how the job search is goin’. God Bless you brother.

  • Darick B Sprague

    So Kevin, I’m living and working in Reno, NV now. And the Lord is blessing me with tons of opportunities to work with, and ministry to high school aged kids.

  • Lorin Wiese

    Kevin,thank you for your ministry. I am a livestock hauler and was saved 9 years ago. Please pray for our industry,this is a business that keeps guys & gals away from home alot.(as does most of all types of trucking). It is real easy to supposedly hide from ones problems in the cab and sleeper of a semi,many drivers and bullhaulers dont want to hear the truth,the exciting news of Jesus Christ.I am asking for prayyers of courage,encouragement and patience for those of us spreading the word. Peace in Him

    • Kevin

      Lorin, you’ve got our prayers. Thanks for stopping by and keep us posted on your ministry. I usually post an article called “Cowboys/Cowgirls in Action”. If you have a story of spreadin’ God’s word to others, I would love for you to email it to me.

  • Kevin thank you for the interview that I just lessened too ,and to the Roamin trail how to become a Christain cowboy. I am a christain Cowboy and my wife and I operate Fly Without Wings Equine center , working with Atrisk,Youths,Teens ,Adults Mentally and physically diverse by using horses as therapy. Check out our web site and fb pages Thanks again and God Bless Jim

  • Michael Porter

    Thank you for approaching the gospel in the manner you have chosen. Jesus used stories that the people of the day could understand and I think it is wonderful you are taking the same trail. God bless and keep up the good work.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Michael.

  • Devein Moore-Eppinger


  • Shucks, thats some good play on words. Hope all yer seeds get plenty of water and there’s a bumper crop!

  • Jim kirkpatrick

    I serve our Lord at Arena of Life Cowboy Church in Amarillo Tx. I want to share your paraphased Roman Road with one of our Pastors. He offten uses this set of scriptures to teach new Christains how to lead others to Christ but had never heard anyone lable it the Roman road.

  • Jeffery Bilow

    I am hollerin as well

  • Kandis

    amen! JESUS IS LORD <3

  • Greg Dieker

    God Bless you Kevin for all you do for us spreading His word. I’ve always belived it’s what you feel and believe deep in your soul that makes the difference. Keep riding for His brand.

    One more Christian Cowboy of faith headed down the Roamin Road.

  • Carl DenTandt

    I’m hollerin’ from the highest mountain top as well Kevin!! Thank you for your ministry to help those lost sinners be found by the love of our God and Father and His son Jesus our Lord and Savior!
    God Bless

  • Kelly Deboard

    I would like to thank you for what you do. I am in Franklin Texas, where we have just had our first year of showin people the roamin road. We started the Robertson County Cowboy Church a little over a year ago, and have been blessed. Thanks again for the great stories that you post, and the way of the use of words for telling the the roamin road.

  • Brian Becker


  • Brea Wells

    How hadn’t I found this earlier? 😉
    I’m proud to tell y’all I’m a “cowgirl” saved.
    I didn’t know until recently there was such a down to earth ministry
    Now I can’t seem to look at anything in this world without thinking of how grateful I am to “save the cowboy” and to god himself for accepting me and helping me connect to my faith after a long time in doubt.
    Forever grateful and in your debt
    Blessings from Australia.

  • Debbie Boykin

    Am screaming from the mountain tops.

  • Diana Perkins

    I was saved as a young kid when my father took me down the Romans road and I prayed the sinners prayer and I am very blessed to say I have been walking with Jesus for 14 years. It really makes my heart scream for joy when I see a site like this that is bringing people to Christ. I will pray for your ministry and thank God for all it is doing.
    ~Diana from Iowa