Cowboys don’t need help…do they?

by Kevin on October 4, 2011

Does everybody have that one friend that is always asking you to come over and help him do something? Maybe this person doesn’t have a truck and he needs to haul something to the dump. Maybe he needs help fixing the fence in the back yard. Or maybe he doesn’t know how to change the oil in his car and he knows that you wouldn’t mind helping him out.

Cowboys are the worst people in the world about asking others for help. A cowboy will durn near kill himself doing a job before he calls a friend to come help. Some people may think that this is a matter of pride. They may wonder if it’s because we don’t work well with others. What it basically boils down to is manners.

Cowboys are busy folks. I see people out on the golf course, at the movie theater, driving mindlessly up and down the drag, or maybe hanging out at the mall. I think to myself, “Where do these people find the time to play so much?” If they are playing, who is mowing their yard? Who is fixing the fence? Who is riding their horses? Who is feeding the horses? Who is cleaning out the horse stalls? Who is branding their calves? Who is oiling their saddle? Who is playing with their kids? Who took the dogs to the vet? When are they gonna have time to dig those post holes?

You see, cowboys are always working and very seldom playing. They don’t ask for help because all of their friends are cowboys too. If I ask my neighbor for help, that means I am making his job more difficult because his plate is full already. It’s not pride that we don’t ask for help. It’s trying not to make someone else’s job harder.

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A cowboy also knows that if he asks someone for help, he better need it. If you ask someoneto help with an easy job, your life will sure get a lot tougher around the feed store. You will get kidded and prodded with all manner of jokes and teasing.

A cowboy knows that if he asks for help, he will be required to provide all the sweet tea that a cowboy can drink. Maybe some Dr. Peppers thrown in for good measure. He will have to ask his wife to cook something special for lunch or dinner. You always have to feed the help.

So, anytime a cowboy is thinking about asking for help, he thinks about all these things first. Most of the time, he’ll just come to the conclusion that it’ll be easier if he just does it himself. (This usually means he will take all the credit for the job the he and his wife and kids all did.)

That’s why the wife is always the first one to say, “Honey, why don’t you call Tater over to help you?” She knows she will end up out there helping and it’ll turn into a big wreck. He will say something harsh to her and she will get mad and then the rest of the day will be filled with tension.

Cowboys do the same thing with God. They think God is too busy to help them with their little problem. We think that we can fix anything and there is no problem alive that bailing wire and duct tape can’t fix. Cowboys forget that God wants to help. His chores are done and He is just waiting on that phone call to come and not only assist, but do the job for you. How awesome is that? But no, we think we can do it on our own (with the wife’s help of course).

Psalms 33:20

We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield.

Let’s become that first guy we talked about. The one that asks help for every little item. The one that’s not concerned with what you have going on. God is just waiting to help. His bailout plan works a lot better than our government’s.

Think to yourself right now about the biggest problem in your life. Just ask Jesus Christ to take this problem and deal with it or give you the strength to endure it’s burden. One of these two prayers will always be answered to someone who puts their faith in Jesus Christ. The help is there waiting. He is there waiting on our call. Nothing is more important to Him than you.

As for me and my horse, we will follow the Lord.

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  • Don Coyote

    You know, the help that comes from God isn’t always in the way we expect it. I needed some pasture awhile back so I prayed for rain. What I got was fire, literally. 100 acres of pasture that was about 6 inches thick with thatch burned off in about 10 minutes. Sounds bad right? Well that thatch was so thick weeds wouldn’t a grown through it if we got Noah type rains. So, first the fire, a week later some gentle spring rains and now we have a poody good, green pasture.

    • Kevin

      I’ve always considered that God always answers your prayers…just never in the way you want them answered. He might answer with a no, but a lot of times he looks through our wants and gives us what we truly need.

      • Don Coyote

        Amen to that. NO is a valid answer. How many times have we, as dads, had to tell our kids “NO” for their benefit, not ours?

        But I just gotta tell ya how I marveled at that particular answer outlined above. My DAD answered a prayer for water with fire instead. Burned off all the bad stuff, and now good stuff is a-growin’ and the cows are gettin’ fat.

  • Greg Box

    I’m just shakin my head, because that one hit me right between the eyes and I understood it loud and clear, because I have to admit I see myself in that on just doing it myself and sure ending up in a firestorm mess!

    Great Devotional Thank you Kevin!

    Blessings To You And Yours Always,


    • Kevin

      It’s a tough thing to do…but more’n worth it.

  • It was only in the past couple of years that I actually began asking the Lord for help with things. I mean for the longest time the only thing i could think of when praying was “I can’t ask for God for help with ____, there’s famine in Africa, flooding in India, earthquakes in Singapore…”

    It was a huge shift for me to start thinking “The Father WANTS to help me.”

    • Kevin

      Thanks for adding that in there. You are EXACTLY right. He does want to help.

  • Definitely true here. I’m not a cowboy but prefer not to ask for help unless necessary. That is a great strength that cowboys have to stay busy and do things themselves, remembering that others have a lot on their plates as well. The reminder that God is always nearby to help is great. Guess we just need to determine when we need to ask a friend for help and when not to and that God is always there nomatter what the situation.

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