Cowgirls In Action – August 28, 2010

by Kevin on August 29, 2010

Today’s Cowgirl in Action comes from an email that I got from Tammie Schmidt. Read this email that I got from her and notice how the most important things you can do for God and those around you don’t have to be complex or complicated.

Kevin I honestly think you are right. I think the world could use more down to earth Cowboy Ministries and churches. I think Jesus would approve. Often times you have to meet people where they are to minister to them.

Just yesterday I had a wonderful visit from a little girl who was in my classroom last year. Her daddy had gotten into some trouble and was going to have to go to jail for a few months. She was devastated. She couldn’t think, she couldn’t work. Her whole world had come crashing down around her. So I took her into a quiet room and we sat there and wrote a letter to her daddy telling him how much she loved him and would miss him. We then took a picture of her and placed it in the envelope and sealed it. I didn’t do much. But to her it was everything. She came back to visit me and let me know I had made a difference in her life. That’s what Jesus does all the time. Meet people where they are. Have a great day. Your ministry blesses my socks off.

This email was in response to the article entitled The Bar Exam. It’s a call to action to meet people where they are when we minister to them. We shouldn’t expect someone that doesn’t know God to come into a church building in order to hear the Word of God.

Thank you Tammie for your dedication and the example that you have given everyone today.

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  • Mary Prince

    Tammie, reading your story made my heart smile and a little warmer. People like you doing God’s work, knock MY socks off. God bless you. Thank you Kevin for having this website. Love you my friend!

    • Thanks Mary!!! It’s this type of ministry that Tammie exhibited that really shows the love of God through us.

      • Renee Fields

        Thats a great story, you never know how much the kittle things matter so much. And by setting this examples you are showing what Gods love can do for other people.

  • I am finally catching up on my reading. Sorry to be late to the conversation. This e-mail is every pastor’s dream. One person connecting with another person for no other reason than to say, “I am here, and I care.” There is no more powerful testimony than that.

    Tammie, I pray that God sends many more young girls you way. And I pray that you will always have time for each one. God bless you!

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