Do Ya Ever Feel Like You’re Ridin’ Along on the Wrong Lead?

by Kevin on May 15, 2010

Once again, back by popular demand is Michelle A. Farley of Sanger, Texas. She has brought with her today a great lesson about God. Please go by her website and see her beautiful Lost on the Horizon Photography.

Earlier this week, I was talking to a friend of mine. They were about to work cows in the arena, and she was cantering around. Some uppity horseman asked her if she was going to ride on the wrong lead all day to which she responded, “well I thought we were at a ropin’, not a horse show”. We got to talking about how every rider is a horseman, but not every horseman is a rider. This got me to thinking and I realized a major life lesson:  Just because you’re on the wrong lead, doesn’t mean it’s the horse’s fault, but it also doesn’t mean you’re a poor horseman.

As a beginner rider, you might hear someone tell you, “correct lead” or “wrong lead” and you may not know what this means. One tip is to pay attention to what is going on under you at that time. Often times, as beginners on our ride with God, He does the same thing to us. He gives us queues and signals to let us know when we are on the right lead and when we are on the wrong –sometimes they are small signals, other times He may use more advanced riders in our life to help us out. But bein’ who we are, we may not pay attention to what’s goin’ on and some of us feel like we are better horsemen then we really are. When this happens, we often times have a big ole cross-fire between the flesh and the spirit. When this spiritual cross-fire occurs, life can feel very rough and awkward – for you and for Him. But as much as He loves us, On occasion, He’ll let us cross-fire on our canter, just so we can feel what it’s like when we’re going about it all wrong.

For some of us though, the right lead doesn’t automatically mean the ‘natural lead’. It takes time, patience, faith, endurance, guidance, and a quiet spirit to develop the natural lead of a faithful believer. Like all good teachers, He’ll teach us to pick up the right lead as we develop a natural rhythm and balance with Him. He will never condition us to have an impure gait, but it is up to us to shift our seat, and place our heart in balance with His actions.

Tonight I learned of a dear friend who is finally on the correct lead and I am dedicating this to him. Shawn, you are such an example of what it means to be humble and accepting, faithful and submissive. Blessings to you and Rebecca as you ride along together on this new journey. Love, M

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