Do You Feel Trapped By The Tumbleweeds of Life?

by Kevin on March 3, 2011

Have you ever felt trapped? Does it seem like everyone else gets to move on to greener pastures while you are stuck in the arena of dirt and mediocrity? Read on to discover how I learned from a gray mare how easily we can become trapped by the tumbleweeds of life.

Fiona paced up and down the arena as she watched the other horses disappearing into the brush. As I watched, I wondered how she ended up in the arena in the first place.

The horses water in a pen right beside the arena behind my house. The wonderful West Texas wind had deposited approximately six tons of tumbleweeds all along the west side of the arena. They had piled up and actually pushed the gate open that leads from the waterin’ pen into the arena. (The post on makin’ sure your gates are securely latched will probably come later.)

Fiona had walked through the tumbleweeds into the arena. Why she would do this is beyond me. There is no grass, no water, no horses, no nothing inside the arena. But she pushed through two tons of the devil weed and then became trapped as she was unwillin’ to push back through them to get out.

I finally felt pity for her and sent the kids out there to blaze a trail for her. They played like they were Godzilla in a tumbleweed city and had a great time until they had to pick all the little stickers out of their hands and clothes.

We do the same thing in our lives. The devil, or more often just our own worldly desires, will open a gate just wide enough for us to sneak through. We don’t care about the circumstances or even admit to ourselves that there is nothing on the other side of the gate that we need. All of the nourishment, food, and water is found in God’s pasture, not a barren arena.

After we figure out that we’ve made a mistake, we try to leave and find the way blocked. It’s then that we start worryin’, frettin’, and gettin’ agitated. We try to blame others for our mistakes. We watch from the wrong side of the fence as everyone else continues on with their lives, able to partake in all that God has provided while we are stuck by our own choices.

But there is hope!

I sent the kids to rescue Fiona when she quit pacin’ and runnin’ and walked over to me, seemingly askin’ me for help.

God does the same thing with us. Instead of runnin’ around tryin’ to figure a way out on your own, just walk up to God and ask him for his help. He sent his son to die in order to set you free. All you have to do is give up on yourself and ask him for help.

What are some “tumbleweeds” that trap you where you live?

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  • Don Coyote

    I guess the biggest tumbleweed fer me is ME.

    Lettin’ go of the past…hard to do sometimes.

    Say, did ya know that the scienertific name fer tumble weeds is Russian Thistle and it was imported to this country by some real smart feller back in the 1800’s for cattle feed, cause the Rooskies feed it to their cows. Just goes ta show if a cow is hungry ’nuff they’ll eat anything.

    I wonder if’n there ain’t some connection here, as I got a drop ‘er two of Roosky blood flowin’ thru my veins….

    • Kevin

      Mine is takin’ responsibility for things I ain’t responsible for…like I started thinkin’ it might have been my fault for Russian Thistle comin’ over here in the 1800’s. lol

      • Renee Fields

        I also take on things that I’m not responsible for. And I guess I’m too high strung, and need to let go and let God help me out more, because he always knows what is best for his children, I so trust in the Lord it’s mankind that I don’t always trust.

        • Kevin

          I’d like to say that mine is because I care so much…and I do. But it’s also a source for a lot of pain and aggravation in my life.

  • Don Coyote

    Bet there’s a connection there…don’t give up on that just yet.

    • Kevin

      Yeah….the connection is you!!

      • Don Coyote

        Nah, couldn’t be MOI?

        Could it?

  • One word: Pride. I hate admitting that I’m wrong or that I made a wrong choice or even that i didn’t make the best choice so more often than anything else, pride is what keeps me from getting anywhere.

    • Kevin

      I’m with you. Mine is usually the fact that I try real hard to always do the right thing and it ticks me off to no end when something doesn’t go the way I wanted it to.

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