Dobie “One” Cow-nobi

by Kevin on April 27, 2011

A young man, lookin’ for his way in life, armed with only a backpack, strikes out on a quest to find the true meaning of life. He has heard of a wise cowboy way out on a distant ranch where there aren’t even dirt roads that lead to his house. The young man goes in search of Dobie “One” Cow-nobi.

Young Man: “Dobie One, what must I do to become rich and wealthy?”

Dobie One: “Want what you have to have what you want.”

Young Man: “Dobie One, what is the secret of happiness?”

Dobie One: “Find a good wife.”

Young Man: “Where can I find her?”

Dobie One: “Be a man of confidence with great character and integrity and she will find you.”

Young Man: “What job should I go look for?”

Dobie One: “One that you’d do for free and then find someone to pay you for it.”

Young Man: “Is a dog really man’s best friend?”

Dobie One: “Depends on if he bites.”

Young Man: “Does history repeat itself?”

Dobie One: “Only if it’s happened before.”

Young Man: “How should I deal with people?”

Dobie One: “Love anyways.”

Young Man: “How do I avoid stress?”

Dobie One: “Stay away from the things that cause it.”

Young Man: “Is there really a God?”

Dobie One: “Yes.”

Young Man: “How do you know?”

Dobie One: “Because He said so.”

Young Man: “Is there really a heaven?”

Dobie One: “For those that believe in Jesus.”

Young Man: “What if you don’t believe in Jesus.”

Dobie One: “That’s stressful…stay away from that.”


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  • You are wise in the ways of the force, Dobi One Cow-nobi. The force has a name- and His name is Jesus. Remembering that does indeed change your life!

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