Dog Dookie Dogma

by Kevin on June 7, 2011

I walked into my office downstairs to get some folders and the first thing I saw was a nice big “butt” present that my daughter’s dog had left me. I hollered for Reilly and told her to clean it up. Little did I know at the time, it was me that needed cleaning up.

Kevin and Ziggy

Sassy is a full blood sister to my wife’s dog Ziggy. When we moved to Colorado, I gave away all my cow dogs and we were only taking Ziggy. The day before we left, I accidentally ran over and killed him–and a part of me died with him.

I see Ziggy every day. He might have been my wife’s dog, but he was my best friend. He is the one sitting with me on the back cover of my book, which is the same as the picture on my personal Facebook page.

My brother offered to give us Sassy so our new home wouldn’t be lonely without a dog. We agreed. She looks nearly identical to Ziggy. It’s hard to tell them apart except for their tails. Ziggy got his name from his deformed tail.

We knew when we said we would take Sassy that she was not Ziggy. She doesn’t come when you call her sometimes. She licks continuously. She’ll do “drive-by” lickings on my wife’s leg (which sends Christie into orbit), get in the trash, and crap on the floor.

When Reilly walked into the office I said, “Clean your stupid dog’s crap up.”

I’ll never forget what she said, “Dad, she’s not stupid. I know she’s not Ziggy, but she does the best that she can. I’m tryin’ to work with her and teach her, but she’s gonna make mistakes. If I clean this up, will you just forgive her and not be mad at her.”

I don’t always here when God speaks to me, but I sure felt it when he slapped me on the back of the head.

I am Sassy. We all are.

Sassy doesn’t come when you call her and we don’t heed God’s call.

Sassy knows not to get in the trash, yet we get into things we shouldn’t every day.

Sassy knows not to crap in the house and we know we’re not supposed to sin.

I want Sassy to be as perfect as Ziggy was and God wants us to be like his Son. We might look like Jesus on the outside, but we don’t compare at all. We just walk around and crap in God’s office when we sin–and Jesus cleans it up.

Let’s look at Reilly’s statement again, but this time, imagine Jesus talkin’ to his Dad.

“Dad, he’s not stupid. I know Kevin is not me, but he does the best he can. I’m tryin’ to work with him and teach him, but he’s gonna make mistakes. If I clean this up, will you just forgive him and not be mad at him.”

When’s the last time you were God smacked?

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  • Last time I was God-smacked I was talking to my wife about easing off or completely giving up my creative writing efforts. I was thinking that there wasn’t much use in the Kingdom for stories about Vampires and Zombies and I really wanted to focus on Kingdom work – After all “God’s doing something a whole lot more awesome than I am.” Then she reminded me of what I told her when she was thinking about doing the same thing with her painting. “If God died for you so that you be the person he created you to be, don’t you think he’d make space in the kingdom for you art and all?”

    Nothing smacks quite so hard as your own words thrown back at you.

    • Kevin

      I have needed to heed my own advice to people for so long now that I think God is telling me to shut up. If I give advice on patience, my patience is tested. If someone asks me about forgiveness, I find myself in desperate need to forgive some idiot.

      Not to add salt to the wound, but your wife was right–so I guess you were too!

  • Don Coyote

    ’bout right now.

    • Kevin

      Did one of those rainforest critters crap in your office too?!

      Be careful in your travels my friend.

      • Don Coyote

        how many times? and not just the office, just about anywhere and any time it took a notion. which seemed like every 5 minutes and every 5 feet!

        Thanks, should have Internet at the hotel, so we’ll be in touch!

        • Kevin

          Let us know you made it safely. I’m leavin’ Thursday to head back to Tejas and see my son. He’s spending some time with the biological step-dad.

          • Don Coyote

            Will do.

            Vaya con dios, mi amigo

  • Greg Box

    Awesome Stuff – Thank You!

    • Kevin

      Thanks Greg!! We’re Texas bound Thursday morning.

  • I feel like I get God smacked most everyday, but DANG- that was a big one. You are dead on my friend- we are all Sassy. And the thing about grace is that there is always a second chance, because in God’s eyes we are always still on our first try. No matter how many times we crap on the floor. Now that’ll preach! Blessings and a safe journey to you and the Mrs.!

  • Greg Box

    Ya’ll be safe on your trip back down here, and maybe, just maybe we’ll get to twist each others ear sometime, sure would be a “God Wink”!

    All God’s Blessings To You And Your Family Always,


  • Man, I heard the “THWUMP” inVA! And now that you mention it, I think something stinks here- yeah, that is my mess I left behind me!

  • Tell me about it…God-smacked by the tenderest, littlest, most innocent of hands. Boy can they pack a whollup.

    • Kevin


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