Equine Terrorfication Device

by Kevin on October 17, 2011

Kale walked around the side of the barn and noticed Hooley hanging Wal-Mart sacks all around the water trough in a pen where a bronc stood in the corner. The bronc looked as nervous as a cowboy at a Star-Trek convention and had backed himself as far away from the plastic bags as he could get.

“You gotta a reason for the interior decoratin’, or do you just like the looks of Wal-Mart sacks Hooley?”

Hooley tied the last of the sacks and looked over at the bronc as he shot his own question back, “What’s a Wal-Mart sack?”

Kale laughed and pointed, “Those things you’ve been stringin’ up like redneck Christmas lights all over the trough.”

“Those ain’t sacks!” Hooley declared. “Them’s Equine Terrorfication Devices.”

Kale laughed and said, “Is that so? Are you tryin’ to scare the buck right out of that bronc?”

“Nope,” said Hooley. “I’ve got him in Cowboy Church this mornin’.”

With a sideways grin and a hop up onto the top rail of the pen, Kale asked, “Well, can I be part of this cowboy congregation as well?”

Hooley laughed and proceeded to tell the two parishioners that the devil tries to spook us away from the Living Water by putting up things that scare us, but in fact are quite harmless and not scary at all.

“If that bronc wants to live, he has to get to that Water. Without it, it won’t be a good end for him. But y’all see that first sack? It’s the one that stands for ‘Jesus is Only for Nut Jobs’. The devil will hang one of those up in hopes that it scares us off from that Living Water.”

Kale laughed and said, “What’s the second one for?”

“The second one is the ‘Your Life Will Be Miserable and No Fun’. This one is fallen for a lot of times, but the devil’s fun usually has dire consequences that either hurts the next day, hurts those you love, or ruins you for life. A person has never really had fun until they come to the Lord.”

“Preach on, Preacher!!” Kale whooped and slapped his hat against a dusty chap.

“The third one is ‘ You Can’t Live Up To Heavenly Standards So Why Try’. This one spooks a lot of people off, but that’s just because they don’t understand faith.”

Hooley was quiet for a second and even the bronc seemed to be listening.

“The gate to heaven cannot be opened by the strongest, smartest, wealthiest, or the good-est, but it swings open easily for the small hands of a child-like faith.”

The sound of the horse drinkin’ from the trough seemed to say, “Amen”.

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  • Don Coyote


  • Lori Jones

    Love this. And last night as the wind started blowing, I was horseback in the middle of the arena! I rode mine through cowboy church!

    • Kevin

      I seen some pictures of that dust storm!! That was plenty cowboygirl of you to ride through that.

  • Greg Box

    Kevin great message in your devotional- Awesome!

    Yea, boy howdy talk about the wind blowing through here last night- wow and half of Amarillo’s dirt and a chicken fry or two probably?? Man, I’m still cleaning the ole blow sand out of my eyes, but your devotional cleaned more than my eyes! Thank You!

    Blessings to you and your family,


    • Kevin

      I don’t remember one that bad since about 2003 or so. I was living in Midland and it looked like something out of a science fiction movie attacking everything.

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