Every Good Cowboy Has Had At Least One

by Kevin on July 12, 2011

When I was a young man about fourteen,

I had one of those moments that was unforeseen,

It happed so fast there was no time to run,

And every good cowboy has had at least one.

A point in one’s life that changes how time is spent,

And I’ve had a couple of these and this is how one went.

It was mid April and a nice afternoon,

I was working on my horse ‘cause I had a rodeo soon,

Both of us were young and still wet behind the ears,

To add us together didn’t equal many years.

Out through the pasture we went ninety to nothin’

I was yelling, screaming and probably cussin’,

 Every time I would turn her she would resist,

But being strong willed I would persist.

I pulled her to the left and pulled her to the right,

I was gonna keep whoopin’ and ridin’, ‘till she saw the light.

At this point of the story I was gettin’ mad,

And I believe the Lord was tired of watching me act bad.

Now Lucky Chance didn’t understand so she stared to rare,

Every time I turned her but I didn’t care,

‘Cause I was gonna show her who was the boss,

I wasn’t gettin’ off her no matter the cost.

But this time when she rared,

I just plain wasn’t prepared.

‘Cause when she chinned the moon she didn’t come down,

She flipped all the way over and smashed me in the ground.

Now this broke my arm and a few other bones went crack,

But what hurt the worst was the saddle horn stuck in my back.

This busted the crotch right out of my britches,

 And to put me back together took quite a few stitches.

But all the best nurses and all the best men,

Put this young cowboy back together again.

 I told you this story ‘cause it changed my life forever,

The day I learned animals and anger don’t go together.

Now I’ve had a few moments that changed my outlook,

But the one that tops them all I found in the Good Book.

It’s found there in John: Chapter 3,

Were it says all can be saved and the ticket is free.

Just ask Jesus to write your name down,

So when it’s your time your name will be found.

And when you see old Pete he’ll know your fate,

He’ll say “Come on in, pard” as he opens the gate.

By Athen Allee (All Rights Reserved)


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    at least one…er two

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