Finally, the one statement that explains Christianity where you can understand it.

by Kevin on May 17, 2010

We have a new addition at Coyanosa Creek Ranch. I told you about her a couple of weeks ago in a devotional about how the size of you character is more important to God than the size of your comfort level. You can read about it here. God continues to use this little mare to show me what He really wants out of our Christian lives.

It takes more than your butt and spurs to ride a horse.

My daughter wasn’t feeling very good when she rode Fiona the other day. Reilly didn’t complain, but you could just tell that the last thing on earth that she really wanted to do was ride. The new little mare wasn’t helping any. She just seemed to be in the same foul mood that Reilly was in. No matter what they did, they just seemed at odds with each other.

Reilly finally rode over to me and said, “Dad, she just won’t do what I tell her to do. If I try to make her go left, she tries to go right. When I kick her into a lope, Fiona pins her ears back like she’s gonna buck me off. Can I just quit for the day?”

I asked Reilly to step off and let me show her something. I climbed up and spoke real softly to Fiona and then I just sat there. I told Reilly that I was going to show her that sitting on a horse and telling it where to go and how fast to get there isn’t riding. I told her to watch as I use my whole body and mind to tell Fiona what I wanted her to do.

I told Reilly that I was going to circle the arena at a trot and then lope a big figure eight. Reilly just shrugged her shoulders in a silent, “we’ll see” gesture.

I leaned to the right and gave just a little bit of left leg pressure. I looked over my right shoulder as I concentrated on the path that I wanted Fiona to take. With barely any visible rein cue, I urged her in the direction I wanted her to go. I used my body weight to lean forward ever so slightly to urge her into a trot. Fiona responded immediately.

When she reached the speed at which I wanted to go, I kind of sat up straighter in the saddle, but continued to urge her on by the way in which I rode. I never looked down at her, but constantly focused on the path in which I wanted her to travel.

I couldn’t have performed our circle and figure eight any better if I had ran it myself. Fiona responded to all that I asked her to do. I used my whole body to convey what I wanted her to do. I didn’t just use my spurs like the gas pedal and I didn’t use the reins as if they were the steering wheel and brakes. I connected with the horse and focused on what I wanted her to do rather than trying to force her to do what I wanted.

When I stepped off, I explained to Reilly that Fiona’s behavior was just a mirror of her own. I told Reilly that Fiona was picking up her aggressive mentality and just doing the same. I told her the key to riding was not to control Fiona’s behavior, but to connect to her with her heart.

Cowboy Christianity

I wish I could tell you what this girl’s name was that made the following statement. It is something that I have known for a long time, but was unable to put it into words. I was flipping through the channels and stopped on one of the Christian channels. I nearly kept going, but something stopped me. I am glad God kept me there. Otherwise, I would have never heard this statement:

Christianity isn’t a Behavior Modification Program….It’s a Heart Transplant.

When we focus our Christian lives and base our lives on what we do and don’t do, we miss the whole point of why Jesus came from heaven. The Ten Commandments and the Law of Moses told you what you could and could not do. No one, not even Moses, was able to do all these things. That’s what God sent his Son.

Jesus came and lived a perfect life. He did what you cannot. The “Roamin’ Trail” tells us that the wages of sin is death. Jesus should have lived forever since he never sinned. But instead, we went willingly to the cross and died so you wouldn’t be punished with eternal death for the sins you commit.

Why did he do this? So He could trade His heart for yours!

The thing that holds many “Christians” back is the fact that they try “not do this and not do that”. Without being focused on Jesus, we are essentially trying to force our lives to behave so that we can get to heaven. We use the reins to try to turn us to the right. We use our spurs to force our lives through the brush. We try to put our lives through the Behavior Modification Program.cowboy bridle

Quit tryin’ to force your life to speed up or slow down. Quit jerkin’ on the reins with a bad attitude because your life isn’t going the way you want it to. We must connect with God by giving our heart to Jesus. When you put Jesus in your heart and focus only on Him, a miraculous thing will take place. Suddenly, your life will start going in the direction it was intended to go.

Only the people that have had a Heart Transplant will get into heaven. On the other hand, hell is full of Behavior Modification Program Graduates.

What statement do you think best explains Christianity?

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