Flood Waters

by Jake Hershey on April 8, 2013

Today’s post is from Frank Johnson, who is a man of God, a top hand and one of my closest friends.


By Frank Johnson

It had rained pert near everyday for two weeks straight,

The lakes were all full so they opened the gates.

The Red was running hard and coming up fast,

When we made it to the north pasture the worst for the last.

The ground was boggy and our horses sank deep,

We had a dickens of a time keeping shoes on their feet.

The cattle were all scattered through five big lots,

Pushing and crowding together on whatever high spot.

When we came up on a bunch with a bad one or two,

They got one glimpse of our horses and away they flew.

Water knee deep while setting on yer horse,

Them crazy broom tails ran to the brush, of course.

The briars and vines tangled all around their feet,

And one look at ole Bob I knew he was beat.

Well we worked real hard to free this one ole cow up,

Then Bob said, “Wait, I ain’t got the strength of a pup.

There ain’t no way we’s gonna get her pulled out of this mess,

we lost both our ropes and she’s done hooked and tore my vest.”

So we mounted back up and rode out of the bottom,

Riding kinda slow both of us quiet and solemn.

We were the two top hands the boss thought none of any higher,

And he knew neither one of us to ever be a liar.

So when we’d made it up to the high corral at last,

He said, “Boys, did ya get’em all or do we make one more pass?”

Ole Bob spoke up and I’m sure glad he did,

For if I’d of had to tell him I’da covered my face and hid.

He spoke with trembling speech and he didn’t even fake it,

He said, “Boss, there’s one ole cow down there I don’t think she’s gonna make it.”

You know, we as Christians have different kinds of callings,

From preaching to the wicked to keeping the righteous from falling.

We’re all a small part of the precious body of Christ,

For saving our souls He’s surely paid the price.

So we should all go out to share the Good News,

He’s given us all the tools we’ll ever need to use.

But just like them ole cows not all are gonna come in,

Some will turn and run and try to hide their sin.

Don’t give up hope, just keep’em all bunched tight,

When Jesus is done with His sortin’ you’ll have fought a good fight.

Copyright 2007, Walter F. Johnson

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