Four Things Missing in Christianity Today

by Kevin on August 1, 2015

Do you look in the mirror and think that your life just hasn’t turned out like you thought it would? Well these four commands are the backbone of living for Christ.

Most people think that the four commands for living for Christ are: Go to church, be nice, let people walk all over you, and stop having fun.

This is a perverted teaching as I’ve ever heard. Jesus was the toughest man that ever lived and he called us to walk in his footsteps.

So if you want to change your life into something more, then memorize 1 Corinthians 16:13 and live it.

Get Ready
Most people miss opportunities for greatness because they are sitting there with their rope tied to the saddle and their finger in their nose. If you want to do great things, you’ve got to be ready…greatness doesn’t tell you it’s approaching.

Stand Firm
Most people talk a big talk, but at the first hint of trouble, they are blown over. You can’t just stand there like you’re some kid waving at the clowns as the parade passes by. This is war! Get in your fighting stance and get ready ’cause the fight is coming to you.

Act Like Men
Christianity isn’t for sissies…enough said.

Be Strong
Why do you think this is? Because it’s going to be hard, that’s why. It’s hard riding for someone else (Jesus). It’s hard to let go of our selfish ways. It’s hard to forgive…to love…to die to self.

Get ready, stand firm, act like men, be strong. 1 Cor. 16:13 SCV

1 cor 16.113

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