Genesis 8 – The Flood Story (Part 3)

by Kevin on December 27, 2010

“Well, y’all gather up ‘round this fire, try ta get warmed up a bit. Y’all got any dry duds, now’s the time to git ‘em on. You boys did real well turnin’ that herd, Ranny ‘n Segundo’s doin’ a head count right now, but most important we didn’t lose a single one a you hands by my count. Y’all getcha a cuppa coffee, I’m fixin’ ta tell ya the last part of the story of that top hand name a Noah. You missed any ya kin back-track here or over yonder. Aiight, we’re wastin’ time, let’s get on with this story, then we gotta get this herd settled fer the night.”

The Flood Recedes

1 But The Boss, He ‘membered Noah and all the wild critters and livestock with him in the boat. The Boss sent a wind ta blow crost the outfit, and the floodwaters begun ta drop.

2 The underground springs ‘n creeks stopped flowin’, an’ the rains from the sky was stopped.

3 So the floodwaters gradually dropped off from the outfit. After 150 days,

4 ‘zackly five months from the time the flood begun, the boat come ta rest on the mountains of Ararat.

5 Two and a half months later, as the waters continued ta go down, other mountain peaks ‘come clear ta the eye.

6 After ‘nother forty days, Noah opened the window he’d made in the boat

7 an’ let go a raven. That bird flew back ‘n forth ‘til the floodwaters on the outfit had dried up.

8 He also let go a dove to see if’n the water had dropped off and if’n she could find dry ground.

9 But the dove, well she jes’ couldn’t find no place to land ‘cause the water still covered the ground. So she flew on back to the boat, and Noah held out his hand and hauled ‘er back inside.

10 After a-waitin’ ‘nother seven days, Noah let that dove loose again.

11 This time the dove come back to him in the evenin’ with a fresh olive leaf in ‘er beak. Then Noah knew that the floodwaters was ‘most gone.

12 He waited ‘nother seven days and then let that dove fly agin. This time she didn’t come back.

13 Noah was now 601 years old. On the first day of the new year, ten ‘n a half months after the flood begun, the floodwaters had ‘most dried up from the outfit. Noah hauled back the coverin’ of the boat and saw that the ground was a-dryin’ up.

14 Two more months went by, and finally the outfit was dried up!

15 Then The Boss sez to Noah,

16 “Git off’n the boat, all y’all—you and your Missus, and your boys and their wives.

17 Let all the critters loose—the birds, the livestock, ‘n the small critters what scampers along the ground—so they can go on out ‘n make ‘em a buncha babies.”

18 So Noah, his Missus, and his boys and their wives got off’n the boat.

19 And all a the large and small critters ‘n birds came out a the boat, two by two.

20 Then Noah built ‘im an altar to The Boss, and there he barbecued as burnt offerin’s the animals and birds that had been approved for that reason.

21 An’ The Boss was real pleased with the ‘roma a that barbecue and said to Himself, “I’ll never agin curse the ground on account a the human race, even though ever’thin’ they think or ‘magine is bent toward evil from childhood. I’ll never agin destroy all livin’ things.

22 As long as the outfit remains, there’ll be plantin’ an’ harvest, cold an’ heat, summer and winter, day and night.”

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