Get Rid of Low Self-Esteem Once and For All

by Kevin on February 28, 2011

Chris rode up to the gathered cowboys. He had scouted out the pasture for the few head of cattle that they had missed. Everyone knew it was the big tiger striped cow that had led the other small group away from the herd. The rancher looked up at his top-hand and said, “Chris, I want that cow strung up and curing in my barn by nightfall. I’m tired of her leadin’ all these other cows and calves into the brushy draws. She’s got calves that ain’t been branded in four years. Take one cowboy and go get here and don’t come back without her!!”

Chris looked around at the cowboys. Every one of them were good hands. All except Barney. He was the new guy and for what he lacked in ropin’ skills, he made up for by being the worst rider on the ranch.

Barney was small, young, skinny, and pimply faced. This combination made for great laughter around the campfire and provided for hours of entertainment to some of the rowdier bunch. He always had to ride the fence and he had the old slow horses because that’s the only ones he could stay on.

It was to Barney’s surprise when Chris said, “Come on Barney. I need someone I can count on.”

The other cowboys laughed and accused Chris of losing his mind. Chris ignored them and Barney joined him as they rode out in search of the Charlene Manson of all cows.

Chris knew where she was. They dropped off the rimrock into Stockdale Draw. Chris told Barney to head over to a clearing and wait on him there.

“Have your rope ready Barney. We’re only gonna get one shot at this wench and the boss is countin’ on us. Here’s your chance to prove yourself.”

Barney trotted, ever so slowly because he didn’t want to fall off, over to the clearing and waited on Chris. He pulled his rope off the horn and anxiously waited.

Soon, the brush popped and birds flew as the tiger striped cow stampeded into the clearing. Chris was right on her tail, he was swinging his loop, but he didn’t throw.

Chris veered off to one side of the frothin’ mouthed cow and herded her straight towards Barney.

Barney sat there, not moving his rope, himself, or his horse. He didn’t know what to do. He always rode drag and the meanest thing he’d ever roped was a tomcat, and that was pure accident. It had jumped in his loop when he missed the bucket that was five feet away.

“Get ready to rope her Barney!!” Chris yelled. He stayed to one side of the cow and was bringing her straight to Barney like a tug boat guides a ship.

Barney held his loop out to the side. He didn’t want to accidentally rope himself like he usually did on the first swing.

His eyes watched that dropped horn cow comin’ straight at him. He never moved and barely heard Chris yell, “Rope her!!!!”

He didn’t have to. Chris had guided her so close to him that her head went straight through the big loop that Barney had built. He’d never swung it. He was just holdin’ it out to the side like a matador holds a cape and she ran right through it.

It was a good thing Barney’s rope was tied hard and fast to the saddle horn. The loop tightened around her head as she sped past him and the big lazy sorrel that Barney rode turned and faced the cow and hunkered down for the jerk.

Barney sat there amazed. The big cow spun them in circles a few times, but then resigned herself to her fate.

Chris loped off to get the trailer and some help. Barney just sat there eyein’ that cow that had alluded all the cowboys for years.

After about an hour, the trailer pulled up and a few cowboys got their horses out of the back so’s they could give Barney a hand with the loadin’.

To his surprise, they were all congratulating him. Even the cowboys that had never said a nice word to him were pattin’ him on the back.

One of ’em said, “Barney, I went and had you pegged poorly. I’ve tried to rope that maverick mama at least ten times. Never got within twenty five feet of her on the ranch’s fastest horse. Chris told us how you busted into the clearin’ and caught her on your first loop. Not only that, but you did it on the oldest and slowest horse on the spread. Way to go kid!”

Jesus’ Love For Us Is Limitless

It’s easy to start believing what other people say about us, but God looks at each one of us as a wonderful masterpiece of his. Because we are unable to do things on our own, God sent his son down to earth to help us out.

We all have a Barney inside of us, but we also have a Chris that takes care of us. Our Chris(t) has chosen us out of the crowd. He has done mighty works for us. He has stilled the condemning tongue of the devil and found us acceptable and worthy.

If God says that his chosen cowboys are good enough for him, can anyone bring a wrong word against them? Can any cowboy or cowgirl bring condemnation against God’s chosen? Christ was strung up on the cross and raised to life, and now he rides at God’s right side, speaking to him in favor of us. –Romans 8:33-34 (Simplified Cowboy Version)

Ride with Christ and let him do marvelous things through you and for you. He chose you out of the crowd to ride with him.

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  • Caprice Madison

    With tears of laughter rolling down my face I wanted to express my gratitude for sharing such a heart lifting story. God Bless ya and that lil’cowboy Barney!! Sends a great message…

    • Kevin

      I think that’s one of the nicest comments I’ve ever received. Thanks Caprice!!!

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