Giving and Receiving

by Kevin on August 10, 2010

The end of my day sure finished a lot better than I had thought it would. I was kind of in a funk until we got a call to go help a neighbor who’s truck had broke down. I was kind of feelin’ sorry for myself this afternoon, but now someone needed my help. We grabbed a chain and jumped in the truck and headed for Fort Stockton.

Our neighbor’s baby daughter was with her and I didn’t know if it was engine trouble or not. I could just imagine how hot it would be on the side of the road without any air-conditioning. As soon as we got in the truck, I picked up the phone and called Thomas. He’s a single guy that I hoped would be at home and sure enough, he answered on the second ring.

I told him the situation and I think I heard his front door shut before I ever even asked him to go out and cool that baby off before I got there. Sure enough, when we pulled up, all three of them were waiting in the cool air-conditioning.

We got the truck towed to town. My wife pulled me in the broke down truck. (We won’t mention the fact that she nearly jerked the frame out from under the truck–knocking my hat off. Not once, but twice.) Once the truck was situated and locked up, we thanked Thomas. He not only went and kept momma and baby from burning up on the side of the road, but drove slow behind us the whole way to make sure there was no accident.

We invited our neighbors to have supper with us. While the ladies were cookin’, my friend took a look at a horse that had come up lame. Come to find out, my horse had an abscess in his hoof. My horse doctorin’ neighbor got it all fixed up and bandaged. He gave me instructions on how to care for it over the next week. These instructions included #5 diapers and duct tape–and that’s not a joke.

After a wonderful meal, we all sat and thanked each other for everything we had done. From Thomas to the Coyanosa bunch, we all considered ourselves lucky to have such good Christian brothers and sisters that they are there no matter the time or the place.

I really believe that if we will let other people help us out, then it makes them feel important and needed. That is a win-win situation. It’s day like this that I really feel the old sayin’, “It’s better to give than to receive” is appreciated in it’s entirety.

Maybe that’s why Paul said in Romans 11:13, “So I think the work I do for God and others is very important.”

When was the last time you did something nice and felt like you received twice as much in return?

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  • I must say that I love to do things for other people. I am rewarded 100 fold for any effort it costs me when I see the smile on their face. However, sometimes I do this to the neglect of other things that need my attention.

    • Kevin

      You are preaching to the preacher, preacher.

  • My wife recently called me out for preaching Grace based theology while living “Worm” based theology. As such I’ve always had difficulty receive any kind of blessing and whenever I’ve served or helped another person, it’s been with an unstated expectation that I wouldn’t receive anything in return, not even the pleasure of having done something good. And in those instances when I did feel good about something that I did I quickly found some kind of fault to mitigate the joy of service.

    • Kevin

      I used to (still do in a lot of ways) feel so guilty about having other people help me or do things for me. I think I totally missed the part about allowing them to get a blessing out of helping me. I never wavered with helping others because it made me feel good to help. But I wouldn’t let them get the same blessing from helping me. I’m still workin’ on it.

  • It really does multiply our joy in the Lord when we give to others and when we receive from others. A few weeks ago I spent several mornings helping an elderly friend strip and repaint his trailer. It was hard work, but the company was great. When we had to go to TX for my father-in-law’s memorial service my friend offered to come water my lawn and garden. Another church member hauled off the load of brush that was cluttering my side yard. Another mowed the lawn. Another gave us a bag of snacks to take on the trip. I came back to everything clean, green and growing.

    Sometimes our church is the best thing going–this side of heaven!

    • Kevin

      Amen to all that!!!

  • Doing things for others, even just visiting them, brings abundant blessings! It truly is better to give than to receive.
    I had to come by because you liked that sign in our neighborhood! I’m chuckling. I should have known you would. But what I like best is the way you got a whole new perspective on that sign by directing it at our mission to spread the Good News. And we can’t leave that to someone else.
    Thanks for stopping by, Kevin.


    • Kevin

      I could not take my eyes of the word “you” on the sign. Sorry if I got off your topic…it was a great post!!!

      • Oh, no, Kevin. I liked the fact you saw it from a different point of view! I think that is always amazing the way the Lord does that. It adds so much more to what has been written as it comes through another’s perspective.


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