God takes care of bucking horses.

by Kevin on June 4, 2010

It’s 6:45 yesterday morning. The sun is just peeking over the horizon and the air is deathly still. A few birds call out to the sun to climb higher in the sky and bring on the new day. I can still see the steam coming off my coffee cup by the gate. It’s a picture perfect morning except that my horse is trying to buck me off.

This horse had tried to buck my wife off the evening before and as I go out to saddle her, Fiona snorts her impatience at not having been fed yet. First things first.

I saddle her up and make it one time down the arena. When I turn to trot back the other way, she explodes. She crow hops twice and I shuck her all the reins she needs to get the job done. I let her make two jumps and then I turn her. She stops bucking and turns and then she really cranks up the volume. I let her get it out of her system for a second and then I pull her up and ask her to do what she needs to do.

The rest of the hour long ride, she does everything she is supposed to do. I finished up and then fed her real good. I worked her pretty hard and so I gave her a little extra.

Later that afternoon, I gave her a treat. I let her graze the tall grass in the yard before I mowed. After chowing down for about an hour, she looked up and just stared at me for a long time. Grass was hanging out of her mouth, but she had stopped chewing and just stared at me.

She seemed to be asking me why I was treating her so nice after trying to buck me off that morning. I smiled at her as I walked up to her to lead her back to the pen. I told her, “It don’t matter what you do, I know you’re a good horse that just had a bad morning. I’m gonna give you the same great care, regardless of the fact you tried to buck me off. You don’t have to worry. I’m gonna take real good care of you.”

When I put her back in the pen, I rubbed her down real good. As I was fixing to leave the pen, she followed me and gave my shoulder a little nuzzle as if to say, “Sorry about this morning.” I patted her nose and then went to get her feed.

God takes this kind of approach with us. We blow up or do things that he certainly doesn’t approve of, but he never stops taking care of us. One of the greatest gifts that God gives us is found in John 14:27. It also the gift that most people refuse to accept. We throw it back at God thinking that we don’t deserve it because of the way we have acted.

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

This gift is based on God’s love for us. It is not dependent upon doing something right and will not be taken back because of a mistake or poor judgment. But it can be refused by us. We can choose not to accept it and that’s what most people do. They refuse the gift of peace.

Make today the day you accept the gift of peace of mind and heart—and let God lead you into the tall green grass.

The greatest of all gifts is the gift of forgiveness of sins that unlocks the gate to eternal life. In order to receive the gift of peace, you must also accept this gift. If you would like to know more about how to do this, you can ride down the Roamin’ Trail.

  • What are some warning signs that God’s gift of peace has not been accepted?
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  • One of the most obviious warning signs that I have not accepted God’s gift of peace is that I am not at peace with other people. When there is strife, hurt feelings, and animosity between me and other person it really shows my lack of peace with God. If horses are like people then it’s a good chance that Fiona was not only bucking you, but she would likely not get along with the other horses too well that day either. –Richard

    • Kevin

      She kind of anti-social to begin with, but you are right about both points. Thanks for sharing that Richard.

  • the first that comes to mind is: not Trusting God, this is most evident in your tithing but probably in the time, consistency and meaningfulness of you prayers when no one is around. I guess it is a case of wanting to keep control and do everything yourself.

  • I have moments when I realize I am measuring God’s love towards me based upon the value I have assigned to myself on a particular day or in the midst of a set of circumstances. When this happens I am in a funk, I am a little depressed, and I have a dim view of everything around me no matter what is going on. When I realize that I have a wrong assumption about my worth and that God’s view of my worth is never the same as mine, then I once again feel free.

    That may not make sense to anyone but me.

  • I especially like the grace of that moment where the horse looks at you and you look back with understanding about her bad morning. Yes, that.

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