Godly lesson from a mind controlling flying bug.

by Kevin on May 13, 2010

Out here in West Texas, just miles from the famous Pecos River, we have the same four seasons of the year that the rest of the country has. We just define these seasons a little differently.

Our seasons are defined like this: (I will put the common name for all the urbanites, cityites, and the my-nieghbor-sleeps-three-feet-from-my-headites)

  1. Hot & Windy – (Summer)
  2. Cold & Windy – (Winter)
  3. Windy & Oh My Gosh Is It Ever Gonna Freakin’ Warm Up – (Spring)
  4. Windy & Oh My Gosh Is It Ever Gonna Freakin’ Cool Off – (Fall)

Technically, we only have seasons 1 and 2. But we do however have two days a year that mark the passing from one season to the next. We have approximately 1 warm day a year and 1 cool day of the year. The rest of the year is either real hot or real cold and all of them are windy.

buzzard cowboy churchThe long wait for Hot & Windy is marked by different events in Texas. Some say it’s when the buzzards come back from Mexico. (I am referring to the actual Turkey Vulture, not college kids coming back from Spring Break.)

Other people claim it’s when the swallows come back. For any environmentalists wanting to save the world, you can come to the ranch and start by helping the mud swallows. Save all of them. Take them. Protect them. For such a little bird, they can poop a pile 3 feet high overnight. This pile is great at catchin’ the toe of your boot and makin’ you spill your coffee as you go out to feed in the mornings.

The old timers say that mother nature can’t fool the mesquite bush. This hardy little plant will not bud until after the last freeze. This is true most of the time, but I have seen several years where the mesquite messed up. Well, maybe my mesquite wasn’t fooled. Maybe they were just overly optimistic or over-achievers.

But none of these hold the real key to Hot & Windy. Two days ago, a little insect showed up and I knew that the season was upon us. I haven’t seen this little arch enemy of mine for about six months, but two days ago, I saw the first moth of the season.

Moths are attracted to light. Living out in the middle of nowhere means that the lights in my house are the only source of congregation in a four mile radius. We have tried extermination methods like bug lights. These lights work well for about two hours. That is the life expectancy before the amount of dead moths completely obliterate the light.

When you turn this light on, the first Kamikaze moths descend on it. Without any care for their physical safety, they fling themselves on it like people at a Black Friday sale going after the only two flat screen TV’s that Wal-Mart has. If you have never smelled 6 million simultaneously burning moths, please feel free to contact me and I will arrange a tour. It will be BYOL.

The breed of moth that we have at Coyanosa Creek Ranch is carnivorous and has the ability to take over your body. Just last night, I witnessed one such moth land on my wife’s head and take control of her body. I knew Christie was no longer in control when she started violently punching herself in the head and screaming as if she had been dropped head first in the septic tank. I did what any loving husband and protector would do. I grabbed Sue (he’s my weiner dog) and ran from the room. To protect the kids of course.

Before I had eye surgery, I wore glasses. One night I had a moth get in between my glasses and my eyeball and try to enter my brain through my optic nerve. When I woke up on the ground, I saw my wife and two children huddled in the corner of the horse pen. It seems this moth had taken over my body and caused me to punch myself relentlessly in the eye and nose area until I knocked myself out.

I often wonder why God made the Biggus Baduss Mothus. I think it was to illustrate John 3:20-21.

20 All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed. 21 But those who do what is right come to the light so others can see that they are doing what God wants.

It’s time that we all need to step out of the darkness and into the light. Only then will we see what God really intends for us. God never said to get yourself all changed and when you are all fixed up to come and see Him. God wants you to come into His light so that the real you can be revealed. It’s the right time and the right season for you to come out of the darkness and into the Light.

For more information on how to do that, find out by visitin’ the following pages.

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Come hang out at the campfire and answer one of these questions.

  1. What “season” are you in?
  2. What event signaled the change in your season?
  3. Have you ever been pooped on twice by a barn owl or bitten on the butt by a centipede? (I know both of these people)
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  • Kevin, as always a very good post. I found it interesting that you have a “weiner dog” we have two. Craziest dogs we have ever had. Here in Florida we have all four seasons as well, Summer, Summer, Summer and February. That sums it up!

  • My wife and I read this post together and both had a great laugh. Needed that. When we lived on the California central coast we only had two seasons, Wind and Fog. We spent 18 years in Kansas, and we learned that there is more than two hundred different Kansan words for wind. Now we live in Colorado (where both of us grew up) and enjoying the heck out of it! –Richard

  • Lots all respect I had for you when you admitted to having a weiner dog! 🙂 Seriously, great post. Spiritually, I would say I have been in a really long growing season wondering if fruit was ever going come to harvest. I think I am starting to see some budding! It may be a little too early, but I am in this for the long haul! Have a great weekend bro!

    • Kevin

      Just for the record. I do have a black mouth cur, a blue heeler, and an Australian Shepherd. Those are all manly dogs and I will also add that my weiner dog can work cattle. He’s just not very fast.

  • Here lately it seems all we have is winter. Last year, summer turned out to be winter jr. We used to have four seasons, but we’ve never had moths like those, though we do sometimes have a lot of them. My daughter used to call the moths here “fans” because of the noise they make.

    That verse has always kind of puzzled me. Maybe I should do a study on it. Before Christ saves and transforms us, we’re all evil doers. So the way it’s translated, it seems no one would come to the light. But then maybe the act of coming to the light IS doing truth. Jesus also said that the work the Father requires of us is to believe on Jesus. I suppose the statement being addressed to Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews makes a difference, too. A faithful Jew would be looking forward to Messiah, and his faith would be accounted to him as righteousness as Abraham’s was. So in that sense, those that do truth did come to the light. Just musing–what do you think?

    Blessings, Cindy

    • Kevin

      The thing that hit me most about what you said, was “A faithful Jew would be looking forward to Messiah,”. I think that we are ingrained with the search for truth and light. But the problem lies in our worldliness just like it did back then. We look for the light, but many times the light isn’t what we expected.

      Some think it should be bigger or brighter. Others may have thought the light should be blue or maybe even blinding. But the truth is, it seldom comes in the form we were expecting. Only when you really accept Him and what He did, do you truly find the glory revealed.

  • What is it with wide open land and weiner dog ownwership? My husband’s people live in rural north Texas with two long-haired ones.

    Happy Friday!

    • Kevin

      Wow, all the attention is on the wiener dog. I am going to have to set up a google alert for that. Along with my alert for duct tape.

      Long live the Long Dogs!!

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