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by Kevin on October 31, 2011

This week I am day working and I am offering 5 slots for guest posts to show off some of the great stuff y’all cowboys and cowgirls can come up with.

Today’s post is by Emily Clark and she sure enough touched my heart with her words. Check it out!

Howdy, my name’s Emily. I’m just a cowgirl that’s slowly learning to follow God with the help of the horses He’s put in my life. This is just one of the many lessons they’ve taught me.

Tonight I was helping a friend brush the burrs out of her horse’s forelock. This horse would have none of it, and kept flipping and ducking her head to keep me from taking the nasty burrs out of her forelock. I eventually got them out, but it took awhile. Then I brought my 3-year-old quarter horse, Toffee, in to groom, and her forelock was completely matted with the terrible burrs. I sighed, got my comb and Cowboy Magic (hair product to make the burrs come out easily) and slipped into her stall. Anticipating a struggle like with the last horse, I quickly goobed some of the Cowboy Magic on the clump of burrs and massaged it in. Easy so far, no struggle. Then, taking my comb, I gingerly pulled the bottom burr out, waiting for her to toss her head. But she did nothing, just put her head down by my stomach, closed her eyes, and let me work the ugly burrs out of her hair one by one. At this I started bawling my eyes out.

Let me explain.

I’ve been struggling so much with trusting God and His will lately. I know He only has good things in store for me, and I want what He has for me. So badly. But first He has to get all the ugly stuff out of my life. And let me tell you, I’ve been fighting. So hard. Even as I write this I’m fighting. I don’t want to give up. I’m afraid to let God take out the nasty stuff. I wish I could be like Toffee. So trusting, so willing to let someone get all the ugly out.


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Thanks again Emily!!

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  • Caprice

    Beautiful & Inspirational Story…Your light is shining brightly. Thank you for sharing..Blessings

  • NICE touch, Emily. Sending this off to my son just now opening Deep Rivers Family Ranch near Grand Junction. It’s a place for family crisis intervention using your pals and mine, equus. Your simple, short, clear illustration of the tough and thankless work our Father often has to do for us is a good warm up lesson to these stressed out families.

  • Evie

    I love this, Emily! 🙂 God is just so good to show us in tiny little ways how much he loves us and is patient with us. Don’t be afraid to trust… I know, easier said than done, right?

  • Don Coyote

    Miz Emily, that was nice.

    I’m here ta tell ya, I was in a place like that myself one time. God was gonna hafta pry that whiskey bottle from my cold dead fingers (along with some other “stuff”) as far as I was concerned. But ya see, God’s a gentleman, He won’t do that. He waited and waited till I was so far down I had no one and no where else to turn. And He told me when I was ready to let loose a all that “stuff” He’d take it from me. Like your mare. She was ready to let loose a them burrs. Well, I let loose, my Father helped me to my feet, and I’m still around to do what He needs done. But I’ll tell ya, I was (literally) a hair trigger away from cashin’ it all in. What I’m tryin’ ta say here Miz Emily is it’s easier ta let loose than ya think, don’t wait till you’ve lost everything and everyone in your life that means anything to ya. Let loose, God’ll take it from ya when yer ready to.

    • Emily Clark

      Thank you so much for your kind (true) words and story. Brought a tear to my eye. Thank you. I’m trying, I won’t forget your words.

      • Don Coyote

        Miz Emily there’s a whole lot more AND better words in a Good Book I think you may know about. Our Father’s a-waitin’ ta meet ya, right where yer at. Give it a read.

  • Great post, Emily! Thanks for sharing!

  • Emily Clark

    Thank you for your words everyone, I really appreciate it. Seems like God’s used my post to help others, and y’alls comments to help me. He is good.

  • Marilyn

    Thanks Emily! I often think of the simplest way I know of reminding myself to ‘get out of the way and let God work in my life’ – 1. Giv it up! 2. Let Him in! 3. Learn to live!

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