Guest Post: The Sons of Thunder by Carl Jones

by Kevin on May 9, 2011

Today’s guest post is by a man’s man! His name is Carl Jones and he is one of the funniest guys I know. His article is based on a post that I had written called The Gelding of the Christian Man. Take a moment to see his gift for yourself and leave a comment if you are willing to become a part of Sons of Thunder!

Without further adieu:

I was reading yet another great blog post from Kevin Weatherby over at a couple of days ago when I was reminded of one of the greatest nicknames ever bestowed upon a human being.  In the Gospel of Mark, chapter 3, we read a synopsis of Jesus calling the 12 disciples.  If you are like me, the disciple you can relate to the most is Simon Peter- because he was as big a screw-up as we are, yet Jesus built the church on his faith.  I would love to be a Simon Peter.  But also among the 12 are the brothers James & John, the sons of Zebedee.  Let me press pause and say that if the story ended there, James & John would already be awesome, because Zebedee may be the best name ever!  I would have fought to name my son Zebedee, but I enjoyed living with my wife and didn’t want to spend all of my time praying to the patron saint of lost causes.  Still, just being the sons of Zebedee would have been cool enough.  But Jesus gave them a nickname that transformed them into rock stars. He called them “Boanerges,” which means Sons of Thunder.  While no explanation is given in scripture, it is assumed by scholars (and me!) that this nickname was a reference to their bold and zealous personalities – illustrated by a later incident in which they wanted to “call down fire from heaven” to destroy the people of a Samaritan village who had refused to allow Jesus and His apostles to pass through on their way to Jerusalem (Luke 9:51-56).  These guys knew what it meant to be passionate for Jesus.  They had the fire in their eyes.

And clearly their Master knew this. James & John were always there (along with Peter) when Jesus needed his “inner circle.”  James would go on to be the first of the disciples to be martyred (Acts 12:2) and John would write his “revelation” from prison on the island of Patmos.  These were men who gave their lives to Christ, not just in word, but in deeds- in big, honkin’, passionate deeds.

So as I told Kevin the other day, I want to be part of a 21st century chapter of the Sons of Thunder.  This would be a group of believers who understand that following Jesus is everything. They would understand that being a people of love, grace and peace is not a weakness, but a bold stance for our Savior in this world we live in.  The modern Sons of Thunder should be a radical presence for Jesus in our communities, and a passionate thorn in the side of the institutional church.  I am not much of a joiner, but this is a group I want to be a part of- and soon!  I know I am not alone.  Kevin says he is in- and we are looking for more folks (male & female!) with the cajones to call down fire from heaven when the occasion calls for it.  Accepting such a call is not without risk.  Your passion may offend your neighbors and other Christians.  The love and grace you offer to others may baffle them.  You may be called upon to sacrifice for the cause.  You may receive a vision from God that will confuse people for the next 2000 years.  But when it comes to following Jesus, I am ready to make some noise.  I want to bring the thunder…

Let’s be bold together and change the world.  Let’s be radicals for Christ.  The 1st century Sons of Thunder helped turn their world upside down. The modern version could do the same.  If you’re in, leave me a comment and let me know.  Seriously.  It’s going to be a wild ride.  And we’re going to have AWESOME t-shirts…

You can read more of Carl’s blog at I’d Laugh…But All This Happened To Me! Follow him on Twitter at @youthguy07.

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  • Don Coyote

    Count me in, I want a leather jacket. Wouldn’t wear it very often down here so maybe I better stick with the t-shirts.

    Part I like best is bein’ a “thorn in the side of the institutional church.” If you were to ask the Boss Lady she’d tell y’all that bein’ a thorn in the side of ANYTHING is one a my finer virtues.

    • Kevin

      But not as fine as being a good friend to me.

  • Jay

    Count me in!! Ready to call down some fire!

    • Kevin

      I’ll be ridin’ beside you when you do.

  • Greg Box

    The Good Lord Jesus Christ Is The Brand I Ride For – My Reins Are In His Hands!

    He and I both know that I sure can make a mess of things when I start a messing and thinking I’m in control and boy that’s when I’m heading for a wreck! All I Do Is Keep Him In The Center And One Day At A Time With HIM All Things Are Possible, Without HIM I AINT NOTHING!!!!

    Really Enjoyed This Mornings Devotional All God’s Blessings To You And Your Family Always!


    • Kevin

      Thanks amigo! I want to try to become more of a Sons of Thunder instead of a Sons of Dunder that I usually am.

  • Count me in. I’m ready to rumble the gates of Hell and the community around us. The communities won’t know what’s coming when you get some on fire, life changing, no holding back christians coming at them. It’s time for us to be as bold as Jesus and the disciples were. I’m ready to be cursed, stoned. Whatever it takes to do what God has called me to do.

  • Gary Shank

    Kevin . . count me in also . . love the blog and idea of the Sons of Thunder.
    God bless you all.

  • I’m excited to see these bold folks signing up to join Team Thunder! Thanks for sharing this with your readers, Kevin. You know how those really loud thunder claps can shake a house? That’s the kind of volume I’m searching for! We’re gonna’ rattle some churches!!!

  • Dee Studdard

    They say lightning does the work, and thunder gets the glory. And the son’s actions reflects on the Father. Therefore I have no problem being a bright flash of light full of energy and electricity. If I do my part right, I can set the world on fire and cause a lot of noise while God receives ALL THE GLORY!

  • Interesting that as perfect as this hefty group name is, I’ve not heard this before nor has anyone invited me into this level of serious holy rumbling. Sounds more like a biker gang. I can see a group tract even as I type: “Membership Invitation: Join the Sons of Thunder” thereafter follows the story of our journey alongside these passionate followers of Christ and inviting others to begin the journey as a follower.

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