Has God Kicked His Boots Off and Retired?

by Kevin on March 21, 2011

We’ve all read the stories of how God parted the Red Sea. We’ve marveled at how spoke through his holy cowboys and waged war against those who would attack his chosen people. But where is he now? Has he relaxed and kicked his boots off and handed the reins to someone else?

Here is a question that I received in an email:

Sometimes I feel like God the Father kinda retired after the Old Testament. Just handed things off to Jesus and the Holy Spirit and went out on the front porch with a cup of coffee and hauled His boots up on to the front porch rail.

Sometimes I kinda feel like He’s old and retired like that, lettin’ the Boy’s run the ranch. And along with that feeling, I sometimes feel like Jesus and the Holy Spirit are sittin’ in the kitchen playin’ Hearts or poker, maybe moon or 42, whilst Dad is out on the front porch with His boots up.

In the Old Testament God answered prayers or kept covenants over century’s whilst we got only minutes or hours to wait. We read about fire, thunder, great deeds, as if from an Apache warrior, about the Old Testament God and now, when we call fire down on the pagan priests it seems like a sparkler next to a M-80. Is it my lack a faith or did God really retire?

My Answer:

I might have to agree with you on God’s retirement. He did give Jesus all authority in heaven and on earth.

But I don’t think Jesus and the Holy Spirit are playin’ moon. I see Jesus sittin’ at an antique roll top desk watchin’ over the figures from the pastures. The Holy Spirit is out ridin’ fences every single day from sun-up to sun-up. He’s there when we cry out for help. He’s there when we need a prayer answered.

To answer your question though, I think that we’ve been given all the tools we need to get by. I’m not sayin’ get by without God, I’m sayin’ get by with what he’s already given us and that’s his son. Remember what Jesus’ final words were on the cross? “It is finished.

Jesus’ sacrifice defeated sin once and for all. It has no power over us anymore. Jesus’ death locked sin behind a barbed wire fence and the only way we can get bitten is when we voluntarily climb over it—and we do!

There are still things that can poke us, stab us, and hurt us. That’s why he gave us his armor: The leather belt of truth, the vest of righteousness, the boots of tellin’ the Good News, the leggings of faith, the hat of salvation, and the pistol that is the Word of God.

In a fence analogy, he has given us all the wire we need, all the stays, the post hole digger and t-post driver, the staples, the wire stretcher, etc..etc..

Now he just wants us to build our fence of faith with the tools he’s already provided.

So what do you think, has God retired?

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  • Don Coyote

    Well, if He has, the Book of Revelations tells us He’s comin’ outta retirement fer one last Grand Finale.

  • Judy Greenwood

    Nope, He is The Great I Am – He is, was, and always will be . Jesus not only brang us forgiveness, He brang lots of love to this ol’ world and boy howdy, did we ever need both.

  • Randall F. Schutz

    Good readin pard.
    I myselfs real glad Jesus is betwixt me and God, He is there praying for me continual, lest I be strung up long ago

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