by Kevin on February 2, 2012

One (Of Many) Reasons I’ll Never be a World Champion Team Roper is that I just don’t get it….how in the world can a person be obsessed with team roping?

Don’t get me wrong…I like to go rope every now and then, but there are guys (and gals) out there who, if they could, would sell their left arm for money just to go to the next roping (I guess they’d hold the reins and coils in their teeth).

My wife and I moved to where we live now about three and a half years ago.  We didn’t know anybody, but we were immediately approached about starting a cowboy church in the next town over.  We did, and like all good cowboy churches do, one of the first things we put together was a little weekly team roping practice.

I had been involved in rodeo since I was fifteen years old, had some friends who were really good team ropers, but I had never even backed in the box and tried to rope a steer.  I figured, “It can’t be that much different than ropin’ a yearling to doctor out in the pasture.”  I was wrong.  Thankfully, everybody and their brother team ropes around here, so I had lots of advice from the start.

Three horses and many moons years later, I finally put some money up at a little jackpot roping.  My first run ever for money, we were 7.6 in the first round and I thought, “This is gonna be easy money.”  I was wrong again.

That was the only time I had that night…I missed for that partner in the second round and didn’t even catch the rest of my steers in the first round.  I didn’t let it phase me…I kept practicing….I got to the point where I rarely missed, handled my cattle good, had a nice horse, etc., etc., etc.

The last roping I went to was the day after my team had just won a ranch rodeo…I figured luck was on my side, so I put up my last $100 and got ready to win a buckle.  I caught almost every steer in the first round and none of my heelers caught…disgusted, I put my horse up and walked back to the arena, where more than one of my partners told me, “You gave me the best handle I had all day…but you’re the only one I missed for…sorry, man!”

I’m far from being a good team roper, but it really bugs me when I do my part and my heeler misses.  I guess it’s cause everything else I’ve done has been a one man show…wrestling, bronc riding, shoeing horses..those are all things where if I do good, that’s all that matters.

But, there’s one thing that I can’t do on my own…and that’s make it to heaven.

No matter how good I live my life, I can’t get there on my own.  Once again, it takes a healer to be successful.  This is the one time that I’m thankful for a healer.  God knows that we’re gonna screw up and we need a healer to clean things up for us.

That’s why he sent Jesus Christ.  I’ll never be a World Champion Team Roper…but I thank Jesus every day that because he’s my healer I’ve already won the ultimate prize.

Jeremiah 17:14 Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.


Today’s post is by Jake Hershey. Not only is he the second best cowboy to ever write on this blog, but he’s a top-hand friend.

Save the Cowboy was born in his living room and to this day, Jake is one of the few who really get the vision of our ministry.

Jake is a cowboy through and through. Of all the preachers I’ve ever heard preach, he knows how to keep it cowboy, keep it real, and keep it thought provoking. It’s hard for me to get out and preach at other places, but if you are lookin’ for someone to come speak at your church, I will back his play all day long.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve kind of been absent the past week or so. Jake and I have been workin’ like a couple of catahoulas gatherin’ cats on the next couple of books from Save the Cowboy and Campfire Cowboy Ministries.

The first book that will be out is the Simplified Cowboy Version – Gospel of Matthew. Look for it around Easter.

The second book will be a 365 day cowboy devotional. Jake will join me, and a few others, that will contribute to this huge undertaking. Please keep it in your prayers.

The “Simplified Cowboy Version – Romans” is coming along nicely. It won’t be far behind the others.

And our latest project is the radio program. Save the Cowboy can now be heard on Denver’s largest Christian Radio Station. You can even listen to the sermon online every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. MST. Here’s the website: www.947krks.com

Here is the promo that will be playing: SAVE THE COWBOY RADIO PROMO

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  • Walter

    The first time ever read the bible was because an old team roper asked me :” Did you know Jesus was a team roper?” I said no to which he replied ” Well he healed them all.” I spent a lot of time looking for that story of Jesus at a team roping. But it got me to read my bible.

  • Baxter has a helpful explanation on telling the ‘difference’ between headers and heelers.


    You can’t be a team roper alone either (go figure), like it or not we need our partners even though they screw us up sometimes. Being a Christian isn’t a one man show.

    Thank you for that message.

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