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by Kevin on September 8, 2010

One night I had a dream that I was riding in the pasture and the Lord walked beside me.

Many adventures from my life played like a movin’ picture across the sky.

In each scene I noticed the tracks in the dirt. A blind man could have followed ’em.

Most of the time, you could see the hoof prints as well as the Lord’s boot tracks.

But ever once in a while, the hoof prints were all alone.

This observation got to gnawin’ at me.

It seems that durin’ the hardest times of my life,

Where the wrecks broke my body and soul,

I noticed that the boot tracks were gone and I rode alone.

So I pondered this and then said to the Lord,

“I ain’t aimin’ to tell you how to handle your business, Lord.

But it seems that when I was a needin’ you the most,

You shucked out on me.

You gave me your Word that you would never leave me.

You told me that you would always be there for me,

No matter how big the fight.

If you don’t mind me askin’.

Why is that when I needed you most,

You were outa sight?”

The Lord smiled kindly at me and then shook his head.

“You are sure good at readin’ the dirt and checkin’ for sign,

But you made one little mistake.

The boot tracks were yours,

And the hoofprints were mine.”

© Kevin Weatherby


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  • Phillip Gibb

    I keep forgetting that.
    Good to be reminded.

    • Kevin

      Good to see ya again Phillip. Thanks for droppin’ by and thanks for the RT on twitter.

  • It makes me realize that there are two really distinct options for us when we hit those rough spots: we can either get on board with God and let Him carry us through, or we can walk away from Him and we can find our own way through the mess.

    • Kevin

      Can we find our own way through the mess? Usually, this results in us coming back to the place where we left him in the first place. Too bad we’ve all been guilty of makin’ that long journey by ourselves again and again and again…….

  • A fresh, cowboy take on a beautiful old poem. Thanks, Kevin.

  • Tammie Schmidt

    I have actually lived this poem. Lost a daughter and husband to lupus within a year and a half of each other. Fought the illness for seven years. I was pretty broken. If it weren’t for the hoof prints, I wouldn’t have made it through. God gets all the praise. I know He’s there no matter what. That peace helps me minister to others.

    • Tammie, I am so sorry for your loss. I feel moved to pray for you.

      Lord, I thank you for Tammie’s story. While it is one of suffering and heartache it is also a portrait of your faithfulness and love. As she shares of your faithfulness I pray that lives would be transformed as the Holy Spirit uses her testimony to touch others that are hurting.

      Lord, I pray that Tammie’s cup would be filled to overflowing. Bless her with your presence. May she find rest for her soul and joy in her heart. Amen.

      Each day is filled with opportunity. I pray that God gives you fresh opportunities each day to share with others.

    • Kevin

      Your testimony keeps getting more powerful by the minute. I hope that others can put their faith and sorrow in God’s hands as you have done and continue to love others in the process. Thanks for sharing such an intimate detail of your journey with God. May he bless you beyond measure.

  • Jenn

    Just found your site! Thank you !!! This is all amazin!!

  • This is an awesome web site. Just found it.Cowboys & cowgirls are forever.

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