Horse Fundamentals – Moving Forward

by Kevin on February 9, 2011

Caleb Kenner by Rockin' K Bar Photography

Manny watched the horse cut a big heifer out of the herd. He watched as rider and horse moved fluidly as one. He wished he could have a horse like the one Ricky rode. When Ricky rode out of the pen, Manny asked him how he was able to train such a great ranch horse as the one he rode.

“It’s all basic fundamentals Manny,” Ricky said. “There are four basic movements a horse can make: Forward, backward, right, and left. There are more advanced movements, but none of those are possible if your horse can’t do these four basic moves.”

“It sounds too simple Ricky!” Manny said. “I watched your horse do side passes and spins that many cowboys would die for.”

Ricky laughed and said, “Yeah, but those are all built off of the four basic moves. Even this old world is built off of a lot of fundamentals that come in four’s.”

“Oh, yeah? Like what?”

Ricky held up four fingers as he counted, “This world we live in is basically made up of four things: Earth, fire, wind, and water. Math is made up of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Christianity has four fundamentals as well.”

Manny squinched his eyebrows together and said, “I understood the first two examples, but you lost me on the Christianity part.”

“Do you believe in God Manny?”

“Sure I do.”

“Tell me what you know about Christianity, Manny.”

“Well, if you go to church and read the Bible and you don’t do things that are too bad, then you’ll go to heaven. If you don’t do those things, then you’re probably headin’ to the slaughter house.” Manny paused and thought a little more. “That’s about it I reckon.”

Ricky shook his head. “Unfortunately Manny, you don’t understand the fundamentals of Christianity. Let me help you out and I’ll make this simple.”

“Manny, the Bible says that you are to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind. God loved us so much that he sent his only boy to live a perfect life and die a horrible death on the cross to pay for all the things you done wrong. God wants you to love his Boy and let him lead your life. If you do this, you will understand the first fundamental of Christianity.”

“Which is what Ricky?”

“The first fundamental of Christianity is this: If you love Jesus and you have made him Lord of your life, then you get to heaven. This is the only way to heaven. Jesus Christ in your heart and soul gets you into heaven. Nothing else. Jesus himself said, ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only boy, that whoever believes in him shall not go to the slaughter house, but perfect green pastures that go on forever.'”

“That’s it?” Manny asked.

“Think of it as moving your horse forward. You won’t get anywhere horseback if you can’t move forward. The same goes for your life Manny. You can’t move forward into heaven if you don’t have Christ in your life.”

“You said there were four fundamentals. What’s the other three?”

Ricky smiled and put his arm around Manny. “I’ll see you back here tomorrow and we’ll talk about going backward.”

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  • Still waiting for that book!

    and the next episode of Manny’s adventures.

    • Kevin

      The book is going slower than I imagined…and some of it is my procrastination. (I can’t believe I owned up to that.)

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  • Don Coyote

    Back’ards ‘n sideways, got to be some connection there.

    I’ll get around to my OWN procrastinatin’ ways someday soon, right now I’m a-gonna go get me some sweet-tea ’cause it’s too nice a day to break out the chainsaw and put mama to work cuttin’ up the mango tree wut blowed over.

    • Kevin

      I’m going to put off my procrastinating until tomorrow.

  • Don Coyote

    …er the next day. That’s wut I’m talkin’ about…

  • Steve Foster

    That’s well put partner, lookin forward to the rest.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Steve…I appreciated you sharin’ this with your friends!!

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